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WAVES is a decentralized platform that allows any user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom tokens directly on the blockchain. WAVES uses blockchain technology to offer an integrated exchange which does not depend on a central authority, server, or static infrastructure. The gateways partnered with WAVES make a breeze to swap from digital assets to traditional money right into your bank account or viceversa. WAVES also includes an innovative means of decentralized voting, with no single authority or the risk of manipulation this carries. WAVES integrates its own crowdfunding platform, Crowdstarter, which allows entrepreneurs to launch their projects easily and in a decentralized manner.

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Wavesplatform shared a link. 21 hours ago

Shadow Era, a Digital Card Game, is aiming to release a token on the WAVES platform which will give holders many benefits including revenue share. Shadow Era is a community driven collectable card game that is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. 4 days ago

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