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WAVES is a decentralized platform that allows any user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom tokens directly on the blockchain. WAVES uses blockchain technology to offer an integrated exchange which does not depend on a central authority, server, or static infrastructure. The gateways partnered with WAVES make a breeze to swap from digital assets to traditional money right into your bank account or viceversa. WAVES also includes an innovative means of decentralized voting, with no single authority or the risk of manipulation this carries. WAVES integrates its own crowdfunding platform, Crowdstarter, which allows entrepreneurs to launch their projects easily and in a decentralized manner.

Articles and research

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Sasha Ivanov - Founder and CEO

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Time to step it up · 10 days ago

Natalya Malyova joins Waves as Chief Communications Officer · a month ago

ICOhub winner Oceanlab launches ICO · 1 months ago

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#RT Summary of Telegram Q&A session with @wavesplatform CMO Alexandra Pestretsova https://t.co/ibuY8SWx6L #wavesplatform $WAVES #WavesTeam · 2 days ago

Watch @sasha35625 discussing the state of ICO market in Zurich! Livestream starting at 9AM CEST today… https://t.co/RqL4s7bvUP · 6 days ago

Online Q&A with $WAVES CMO Alexandra Pestretsova! Happening next Monday, September 18th 17:00 UTC. Read more on… https://t.co/7zxvbVkptE · 6 days ago

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We're attending Genesis Moscow Conference next Friday, September 22nd. Leaders of the global blockchain community will provide insight into the application of blockchain in business, its regulatory status, security, and privacy, as well as research and current trends. Prepare for a deep dive into the world of blockchain tech! #Blockchain #WavesPlatform #GenesisMoscowConference #RideOnWaves 6 days ago

Not in Zurich to watch Sasha Ivanov discussing the state of ICO market? Livestream starting at 9AM CEST on Sept 15th→http://www.icosummit.ch #Blockchain #ICOSummit2017 #WavesPlatform #SashaIvanov 6 days ago

Dear Waves Community, you'll have an opportunity to ask all of your questions to our CMO Alexandra! We're holding an online Q&A with her at 17:00 UTC (20:00 Moscow time) on Monday, September 18th. The Q&A session will take place on the Waves Platform Telegram channel (t.me/Wavescommunity). Start sending your questions right now to submit@wavescommunity.com and make sure you put "CMO Q&A" on the subject. Is the time not convenient? No worries here, after the session, we'll post a summary to Waves Community hub. 6 days ago

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