TokenMarket insights on Zcash

By Gavin Knight - Published 2016-10-27

Zcash is the flagship project from a talented team led by Zooko. It provides a new way to do private transactions utilizing Zeroknowledge proofs. With a lot of buzz, a large talented team, and investors heavily influential in the space, it may live up to a succesful launch. It is mining only and not an ICO except for large investors who were engaged directly. The mining is focused primarily on CPU but GPU miners claimed to be produced and are currently being incentivized to be produced open-source by Zcash directly. The main competitor is Monero who already provides a high level of privacy and with Ring-CT being added in early 2017 may prove to offer enough privacy. The technology is so advanced it has been hard to be fully tested and peer reviewed, but the community has high hopes in Zooko's ability to bring a compelling innovation to the market.

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