TokenMarket 2018: Saturday Activity Details

TokenMarket Golf Tournament

Our TokenMarket Golf Tournament will be played at La Reserva. This will be a pre-registered event. Registration will commence on the 20th June at 12pm (Wednesday). We will operate this on a first come first serve basis so make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible. There are a limited amount of spaces for this event. The event itself will start with a warm up at 11:30am on Saturday 30th June (please note that the transportation from Gib to La Reserva will happen before this).

Sotogrande is the home of legendary golf courses and La Reserva Club continues this historic legacy while creating a contemporary experience that defines the area today. Carved into the hillside with natural vistas in every direction, the 18-hole championship course was designed in 2003 by American architect and course designer Cabell B. Robinson. With wide, sweeping fairways that lead on to large greens, gentle but challenging undulations and various water features, La Reserva is a must-play for any golfer visiting Southern Spain.

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Kite Surfing (Hosted by SmartValor)

Our Kitesurfing event hosted by SmartValor will be hosted at ION club in in Tarifa.This will also be a pre-registered event. Registration will start Thursday 21st June at 12pm. We will operate this on a first come first serve basis so make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible. There are a limited amount of spaces for this event. Transportation from Gibraltar to Tarifa will be roughly between 10:30 - 11:00 (date to be confirmed closer to the time).

Tarifa is located on the southernmost tip of the European continent, where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast are so close that they almost touch. Due to the jet effect of the Strait the winds get additional force and acceleration so that they easily reach up to 8 Beaufort on top days. No doubt Tarifa is one of the best spots in Europe with almost 100% wind guarantee. However, you are never alone here, in July and August the beaches are packed with wind- and kitesurfers. During summer time the dominating wind is the Levante blowing from the east (cross offshore from the left), in autumn and spring it is the Poniente blowing from the west (sideshore to cross onshore).

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Activities in Gibraltar

Spa Relaxation

TokenMarket 2018 attendees will be able to receive a 20% discount on Sunborn Spa and Fitness facilities.

Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience in Sunborn Gibraltar’s serene Infinity Spa. The spa provides a gloriously tranquil escape from the world outside, offering guests the opportunity to be thoroughly pampered in a first-class private sanctuary.

Let Sunborn’s expert therapists tailor skin-specific treatments using the very best Elemis skin care products with active natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate and renew a sense of wellness. The spa specialises in effective anti-ageing, purifying and calming facial treatments plus relaxing massages, wraps and day-long spa rituals.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Safari trips will last on average one and a half hours depending on how far the dolphins are from the bay. Dolphinsafari sails several times a day seven days a week and accommodates comfortable cushioned seating for every passenger. With an Indoor cabin toilet on-board, live commentary and over 49 years of experience, a trip with Dolphinsafari will be one to remember.

Price: £25/adult. Summit attendees can enjoy 10% when using “TOKENMARKET” as reference code. If you want to go dolphin watching with Dolphinsafari, please make the reservation directly with them. Phone: +350 200 71914

Monkey Watching

Perhaps Gibraltar's most important tourist attraction, the Barbary Macaques are normally found in North Africa, but their presence in Gibraltar probably dates from the early days of the British garrison when it is presumed that they were imported, inevitably finding the rough limestone cliffs and scrub vegetation a congenial habitat. In fact, many legends have grown up around them. One is that they travelled from their native Morocco via a subterranean tunnel starting at St Michael's Cave leading down underneath the Strait of Gibraltar.

Cave Exploration

Whilst the upper section of St Michael’s Cave has been known for over 2000 years and used for various purposes such as a hospital during World War II, it was only in 1942 that Lower St Michael’s Cave was discovered - accidentally by the sappers whilst driving a tunnel into the lower reaches to provide a secondary exit. A cavern was discovered, with several chambers, which may have been sealed for 20,000 years.

The cavern is of extraordinary beauty, glimmering with white, grey and red stalactite columns, resembling a cathedral with pulpit, chancel and organ pipes. This extraordinary beautiful cavern is remarkable for three reasons: the size of the main chambers, the profusion and variety of calcite formations, and last but not least - a lake of crystal clear water, nearly forty yards long estimated to hold 45,000 gallons.

Today there are organised tours into Lower St Michael's Cave available to the general public. The tour normally lasts around three hours. However, due to the fact that there is some scrambling and minor climbing with ropes involved, duration times may vary. The cave is totally in its original natural state (although it is fully lit). One of the sites visited during this tour is a beautiful underground lake and fortunately for the visitor, who will no doubt not want to forget this wonderful speleological experience, photography is permitted.

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