The venue

Sunborn, Gibraltar

With 189 luxury guest rooms and suites, a stay aboard Sunborn Gibraltar presents visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive luxurious experience on Gibraltar's finest super-yacht, with the quality and comfort of a five-star hotel. Permanently docked in the Ocean Village Marina in Gibraltar, it is held in place by six state of the art hydraulic arms.  Sunborn have become industry pioneers taking a unique approach to develop exclusive super-yacht hotel accommodation. In 1998 Sunborn had built the world’s first yacht hotel, and by 2003 its first international yacht hotel in London. In 2015 the first floating casino, Casino Sunborn, was opened in Gibraltar. Sunborn pride themselves on leaving no environmental footprint after removal of its hotels, and can be built in and aorund areas which are naturally or historically protected.

This idyllic venue will presents our guests with the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive comfortable experience on Gibraltar's scenic harbour during our summit. The Sunborn offers a wide range of facilities including; spa and fitness, casino entertainment, restaurants, and bars to create a prestigious venue to hold top of the range exclusive events.

Summit attendees are welcome to book their accommodation with Sunborn. Once  purchased a ticket to the Summit, attendees will have the benefit of receiving a reduced summit price for booking a room at Sunborn.

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Ocean Village, 35 Marina Bay Square,
GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Call:+350 200 16000


You can travel to Gibraltar by air or by land. British airways and EasyJet airlines fly directly from UK to Gibraltar. Other international and continental airlines fly to Malaga from where you can either rent a car, take a bus or a taxi. Entering Gibraltar does not cost anything.

If traveling by car you can either leave your car parked at the Spanish border, or you can continue straight into Gibraltar. Parking in Gibraltar is expensive as spaces are limited. N.B. If you decide to leave your car in Spain, we advise never paying for the parking in advance

Goods brought from outside Gibraltar might be subjected to custom tax. For more information, please visit HM Customs

Even though Gibraltar is part of EU, it is outside the Schengen passport-free travel area. Your passport must be valid for the duration of the trip. If you are a citizen of an EU member state you can use either your passport or a valid national identity card issued by an EU State (though we recommend passport for any unforeseen complication to your travel). Some nationalities might require a visa to enter Gibraltar and or to enter Spain from Gibraltar. For more information, please visit For further information on entering Spain from Gibraltar please contact the issuer of your visa. It's also important to acknowledge foreign goods brought from outside Gibraltar might be subjected to import custom tax. For more information, please visit HM Customs at

Beware that parking in Gibraltar is expensive and spaces are limited. If you decide to leave your car in Spain, never pay for the parking in advance. There are some scam artists at the border collecting "parking" fees. Please note, that none of the parking agencies collect anything in advance on the road.

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