For media partners

TokenMarket offers cross-promotion opportunities for media partners. Keep your audience informed and interested of the latest crowdsale events in blockchain space. Promote your content on TokenMarket digital asset database.

All integrations are free. You need to sign in to TokenMarket to get the custom code for your website. For any questions, support requests or ideas contact

Available integrations

Promote your news and research on TokenMarketCalendar widgetRSS feed for news site

Promote your news and research on TokenMarket

TokenMarket digital asset database includes news items, research and analysis for blockchain projects, token, appcoins and crowdsales. Your content can be linked under each asset on the asset datasheet.

The content promotion is available for selected partners only. It is based on RSS feed coming from your site. All feeds are manually vetted by TokenMarket team before acceptance.

  1. Create RSS feed from your site that contains articles, research or other content you post related to tokens.
  2. Add a tag by content name on each post. For example if the content is about FirstBlood the post must contain the tag firstblood. The tag name must match token name in TokenMarket digital asset database.
  3. Contact and tell us your RSS feed URL.
  4. Our team manually screens our RSS feed and checks there are no technical or content guideline issues.
  5. Your feed will be scraped for every 4 hours and links to your content are automatically published on

Add ICO calendar widget to your site or app

Embed a real-time ICO calendar widget onyour website sidebar, mobile application or web page. The calendar widget displays currently open and upcoming ICOs. The widget is responsive and mobile friendly. The full width version for web pages shows additional ICO data points, like description and amount raised this far.

The calender widget shows ongoing or upcoming ICOs.

This widget is suitable for

  • Website sidebars
  • Website full page (see example)
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile sites full page

The minimum width is 200px.


{ _("Any variables can be passed in the <a> URL and can be used to match the theme of the widget with your website. The variable list and default value below.") | safe }}

# One of "all", "ongoing", "upcoming".
# Please note that there might not be ongoing ICOs all the time.
"mode": "all",

# Background color
"background": "#fafafa",

# Text color
"text_color": "#333",

# Heading color
"h_color": "#333",

# Link color
"a_color": "#208e4e",

# Link hover color
"a_hover_color": "#208e4e",

# Widget border (2px solid)
"border_color": "#2c3e50",

Show ICO events in your news feed through TokenMarket ICO RSS

You can show ICO events in your news roll on your blog, news site or news reader. WordPress and other popular content management system offer RSS plugins that allow you to add incoming ICO events as a content on your website.

This feed offers ICO calendar information in news like format. The feed is suitable for services with existing news blog rolls. It is easy to integrate without no or little website development skill.

Supported websites include Wordpress, any CMS site with RSS feed plugin and news reader mobile applications.

The feed includes

  • Crowdsale announcements
  • Crowdsale start dates
  • Digital asset research and analysis
  • Team interviews

Each item is timestamped with the publication date.

RSS feed sample