09 May
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Back to Earth token distribution


This blog is regarding Back to Earth token distribution. This includes Star credit (SRC) and Golden Ticket tokens.

Tokens are planned to be distributed to participating Ethereum addresses on May 13th.

The Back to Earth crowdsale opened on 26th April and was over in 36 hours. The cap of 750 BTC was overfunded, reaching 750.56 BTC. In order for fair contributor treatment, a total 4,003,047 SRC will be distributed instead of the 4M goal. The extra tokens needed due to the oversubscription will be taken from the 500k SRC bounty pool. Furthermore, referral rewards will be distributed from the bounty pool. Each valid referral payment will credit you with an extra 50 SRC.

We will publish instructions how to access and use your tokens.

There were some issues during the crowdsale affecting less than 1% of contributions. Issues include lost passphrases, difficulties to confirm Bitcoin transactions and difficulties in email delivery. So far we have emailed all those people we noticed having problems. We thank people who proactively connected with us so that we could fix their issues swiftly. We have managed to resolve the issues for everybody who replied to us. For every issue we have taken the time to verify transactions, Ethereum addresses and receipt emails manually to ensure that the contributors do not experience further issues with transaction verification or email delivery. We thank you for your patience throughout this process.

The token distribution process will last several hours, since tokens are sent over multiple Ethereum transactions, each one taking approximately 60 seconds.

All participants who contributed at least 0.74 BTC will be awarded with a Golden Ticket. This is slightly lower than the whitepaper that quoted 0.75 BTC because some participants did not account Bitcoin transaction fees in their payment. We feel that they are still eligible to receive Golden Tickets and thus we have lowered the Golden Ticket price to take account of the transaction fees.

If you have still not got an email receipt, or if you made several transactions and did not get a separate email receipt for each one please contact us at support@tokenmarket.net

More information is available in the Back to Earth whitepaper.