About security

TokenMarket team is committed to protect it’s users digital assets and privacy. We have years of experience running cryptocurrency exchange services securely.

Two-factor authentication protected wallet

TokenMarket provides a custodian digital asset wallet to it’s site users. This wallet is protected by SMS based two-factor authentication.

TokenMarket two-factor authentication is a specialized version for digital wallets making the wallet withdrawal operations immune to malware and phishing attacks. The wallet is safe to use even if the users cannot trust their computers being hacked or what content their web browser is displaying.

Encrypted connections

At TokenMarket, we are committed to ensuring that all information you provide us with is strictly private and confidential. Our website connections are secured by TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security), so your information is transmitted securely and stays protected. We utilise a certificate provided by Comodo CA Limited. Comodo is a Trusted Root Certificate provider.

You can check the certificate identification by clicking on the padlock that appears next to the website address whenever you are at the website.

Operational security

Site staff members follow the best operational security practices with years of experience running cryptocurrency exchange services securely.