How to buy into a token sale with Cipher Wallet?

Follow these step-by-step instruction to participate in Ethereum Token Crowdsale with Cipher.

  • Sign-in into Cipher Wallet from your cellphone.

  • In your wallet page click on ‘SEND’ button.

  • Sender address will be chosen by default. Copy & Paste the address from your crowdsale account where you are asked to send Ether in the Recipient Address field.

  • Enter the amount of Ether you want to purchase the tokens for in the Amount To Send field.

  • Copy & Paste the Data from your crowd sale account to the Transaction Data (Optional) field.

  • Click ‘Continue’.

  • The gas price will be filled by default in Total Amount Including Estimated Gas fees field. You can change it in case it is high after checking the Gas Price at

  • Double check the Address & Data.

  • Click on ‘Approve’ and record your Txhash for reference.