How to buy into a token sale with Metamask Wallet?

Follow these step-by-step instruction to participate in Ethereum Token Crowdsale with Metamask.

TokenMarket offers a one-click-button to participate in a Ethereum Token Crowdsale with Metamask wallet.

If you do not have a Metamask wallet setup - Check the instructions to setup Metamask Wallet here.

After you have the Metamask Wallet setup on your browser. Follow the instructions in order to participate in a Ethereum Token Sale.

  • Sign-in into your Metamask Wallet on your browser.

  • On the same browser login to your Crowdsale Account, which you will find on the official website of the Crowdsale.

  • Follow the steps in the token crowdsale and in the third step (Ethereum Wallet) under 'What Ethereum wallet you are using?' choose 'Metamask' from the drop down menu and click 'Next'.

  • Follow the steps till you reach the last step (Payment) enter the amount of ETH (Ether) you want to participate in the Token sale with and click on 'Pay now with Metamask'.

  • Click 'Submit' in the prompt you will get on your Metamask Wallet.

Store your transaction ID for references

You have successfully participated in the Ethereum Token Crowdsale.