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Status Name Symbol Description Price 7d
 ICO running
MCO Best world's cryptocurrency card
 ICO coming
CVC Identity verification via the blockchain
 ICO coming
PTOY Blockchain-secured medical records
 ICO coming
21MCoin Crypto-funded blockchain indy tv series
 ICO coming
MYST Decentralised VPN service built on blockchain
 ICO coming
METAL Earn rewards every time you send or spend.
 ICO over EDG Decentralized Casino
 ICO coming ZRC The protocol for decentralized exchange
 ICO running ADELPHOI Startup Incubator for Blockchain Innovation
 ICO running AE Lightning Smart Contracts. Turing-Complete State-Channels. Decentralized Oracles.
 ICO coming - Crowdpowered esports team
 ICO coming - Realizing the Vision of Legally-Binding Smart Contracts on Blockchain
 ICO coming Akasha Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
 Trading ANS Distributed ledger protocol that digitalizes real-world assets
 ICO over APPX Profit from app portfolios
 Trading ANT Create value without borders or intermediaries
 ICO over ARK A platform for consumer adoption
 Trading REP Prediction market platform
-5.576 %
 ICO over SRC Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content
 ICO running BGT A hierachical monetary system
 ICO coming BAT Introducing blockchain-based advertising
 ICO over NEXIUMS Real-time strategy video game
 Trading TOREKABU TV show meets Blockchain.
 ICO coming BN The natural capital marketplace
 ICO coming BTP Future of REIT
 Trading BTS Your share in the Decentralized Exchange
-26.506 %
- Decentralized bitcoin exchange
 ICO over BCDN Decentralized CDN trading market
 ICO over BCAP Digital Liquid Venture Fund
BFT Blockchain solutions for global freight
 ICO over BLKPY Multi cryptocurrency payment platform for retailers
 ICO running BPL Blockchain solutions for the real world
 ICO coming BTX An Ethereum event hosting platform designed for real world
- Blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations
 ICO over BOS A congressional cryptocurrency platform for trust contracts
 ICO over BLT Decentralized Consumer Micro­credit and Financial Services
BYTES Decentralized storage and transfer of value
ADA New Cryptocurrency for online games & casino
 ICO over LH Time based currencies on multiple blockchains
 ICO coming CTT Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value
 ICO coming CFI A distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future
 ICO running ATOM A network of distributed ledgers
 Trading XCP Smart contracts on Bitcoin using the Solidity language
-22.345 %
 ICO over CREA Blockchain culture project for the registration and distribution of content
 ICO coming - Revolutionizing Art Monetization
 ICO coming BET Blockchain protocol for gambling
 Trading DASH Privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions
-20.309 %
 ICO coming DRP Derivatives Exchange powered by Ethereum
 ICO over DCT Content distribution network
 Trading DCR Cryptocurrency with hybridized proof-of-work proof-of-stake consensus system
-10.367 %
 Trading DGD DAO that sells gold with Ethereum based coins
 ICO over E4ROW Ether for the rest of the world
 ICO running - World's Green Project
 ICO running EMB Empower content creators and collaborators
 ICO running ETT Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure
 ICO over ETB Get ether and bitcoin simply and safely
 Trading ETH Open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications.
RSC A decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace
 Trading EXP Decentralized information, application, and contract platform
-23.297 %
 ICO running EON Nextgen financial ecosystem
 ICO over 1ST A token for participating eSports matches and betting
 ICO coming FYN Crowdfunding using blockchain technology
 ICO coming FND Platform for rewarding open source contributions
 ICO coming WTT Full-service mining solution provider
 ICO coming - Freelance marketplace
 ICO over Gnosis Crowd-sources, ethereum based prediction market
 ICO over GNT Using personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers
HKG Virtual hackathon token
 ICO coming - P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace
 ICO over - Decentralized Banking
ICN Investment fund management platform for the decentralised economy
 ICO over RLC Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing
 ICO over - Blockchain based loyalty programs for retailers
 ICO over MIT Securitized Blockchain Asset
 ICO running HYBRID Blockchain Freedom (R) Evolution
IOTA Micro-transaction cryptotoken optimized for the Internet-of-Things
 ICO over KBT Decentralized lottery platform based on Ethereum smart-contracts
 ICO coming - A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life
 ICO running KMD Cryptocurrency with delayed proof of work consensus mechanism
 ICO running XLC DRM and software protection over blockchain
 ICO over - A little piece of freedom
 Trading LBC Decentralized digital library controlled by the community.
-17.840 %
 Trading LSK Decentralized Application & Sidechain Platform
+18.905 %
 ICO over LUN Decentralized World Knowledge Base
 ICO over LKK Blockchain based global marketplace
 Trading MAID Decentralized data storage and communications network
-7.983 %
 ICO over GUP Making human connections
 ICO over MLN Blockchain software for asset management
 ICO running MNC Global payment system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency
 ICO over MobileGo Token Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases
 Trading XMR Secure, private, untraceable currency
-7.364 %
MC A non-profit platform to unleash the power of music
 ICO coming MyB Decentralized Asset Management w/ AI & Smart Financing
 Trading NMC Decentralized, censorship free DNS service
-27.726 %
 ICO coming - Smart Trading Bots
 Trading XEM Peer-to-peer crypto platform with messeging, asset creation and naming systems.
-26.083 %
 Trading NEU Microtransaction platforms for games, tipping and ad-free content will drive consumer adoption
NMR A new kind of hedge fund
 ICO running NVOT Cross-platform Modular Decentralized Exchange
 ICO running OTX Decentralized and low transaction cost payment system
 ICO coming OMG Help us bank the unbanked, the right way
 Trading OMNI Open-source, fully-decentralized asset platform on the Bitcoin Blockchain
-24.198 %
 ICO running OGC In gold we trust
 ICO coming OPL Become an investor of private companies
 ICO coming OAX Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges
OBITS Decentralised autonomous exchange and ICO platform
 ICO coming OROC Digitized Precious Metals On The Ethereum Blockchain
 ICO over PSLFX Smart contract ethereum based parcel delivery.
 Trading PPC Secure and sustainable peer-to-peer ledger
-26.996 %
 ICO over PEERPLAYS Decentralised tournament management and wagering platform
 ICO coming PLBT Regulated Bank for the Blockchain Generation
 ICO coming PPT Invoice finance and factoring in blockchain
 ICO coming OBT Massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy
 ICO over QRL A ‘future proof’ blockchain
 ICO coming REI Digitalizing real estate ownerships
 ICO coming REX Real Estate Revolution
 Trading XRP Direct bank to bank settlements using blockchain
-28.540 %
RSK Bitcoin powered Smart Contracts
 ICO over SNT Cryptomarkets intelligence platform
 Trading SHIFT A network for decentralized applications
 Trading SC A decentralized network of datacenters
-34.595 %
 ICO running - A P2P IOU/credit platform
 Trading SNGLS Blockchain film and television studio & distribution portal
 ICO coming SPT Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining (GRIB technology)
 ICO coming XID A new kind of Information Technology organisation
 ICO coming STAR Blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform
 ICO coming STA Starta Accelerator Portfolio Investment
 ICO coming - Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world.
 Trading STEEM A blockchain based social media platform
-22.163 %
 Trading STR Connecting banks, payments systems and people
-35.309 %
 Trading SJCX Decentralized cloud storage platform
-22.378 %
 ICO over - Bitcoin payments for brick-and-mortar businesses
 Trading AMP Decentralized and distributed social network with ecosystem of decentralized apps
-23.900 %
 ICO over TAAS Token as a Service
 ICO coming - Connected blockchain
USDT Fiat currencies on the Bitcoin blockchain
 ICO coming TEZ The self-amending crypto-ledger
 ICO over VIP Las Vegas Nightlife Using Blockchain Technology
 ICO over TKN A platform for the post-bank era
- Community energy market enabled by the blockchain
 ICO over TFL Blockchain lottery
- None
 ICO coming - A scalable verification solution for blockchains
 Trading UBQ Smart Contracts For An Automated World
 ICO over vSlice Ethereum based betting game
 ICO coming VEGA token Decentralized Effective Funding
 ICO over VIVA The future of finance & your financial future.
 ICO running VSM A fair platform for musicians
 ICO coming WGR A betting blockchain
 Trading WAVES Blockchain-powered customizable tokens platform
 ICO over TRST Savings & Insurance Platform
 ICO over - A decentralized platform to create, join and manage DAOs
- Content creation platform where curators to get paid for their work in bitcoin.
 Trading ZCASH Cryptocurrency with groundbreaking privacy
0.000 %
 Trading XZC Privacy focused cryptocurrency
 ICO running - Commodity-backed blockchain option

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