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Edgeless Casino Introduces Revolutionary Transparent 0% House Edge Online Gambling

By Ransu Salovaara 4 days ago. Tagged under edgeless, ico, ethereum, gambling, edg.

Edgeless to revolutionalize gambling industry with a fully transparent casino.

Open position: Marketing Coordinator

By Mikko Ohtamaa 4 days ago. Tagged under careers.

TokenMarket is looking for a marketing coordinator.

ChronoBank security audit and FAQ

By Mikko Ohtamaa 9 days ago. Tagged under solidity, ethereum, security.

TokenMarket audited ChronoBank's smart contract development process.

Media promotion and data sharing opportunities with TokenMarket

By Mikko Ohtamaa 14 days ago. Tagged under .

List your articles and blog posts in TokenMarket blockchain database.

Creating offline Ethereum transactions in JavaScript

By Mikko Ohtamaa 18 days ago. Tagged under ethereum, javascript, web3, etherscan.

In this tutorial blog post we show how to create Ethereum transactions programmatically and from command line.

TokenMarket and Blockchain Partners Team up to Build Better ICOs for Startups

By Ransu Salovaara 21 days ago. Tagged under ico.

Blockchain advisory company Blockchain Partners (BCP) and Gibraltar-based crowdsale platform TokenMarketare partnering up to provide a full-service advisory for Blockchain startups to help them run better Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Digital asset database search and filtering features

By Mikko Ohtamaa 22 days ago. Tagged under .

Now you can filter TokenMarket digital asset listing.

Programming Ethereum smart contract transactions in JavaScript

By Mikko Ohtamaa 1 months ago. Tagged under web3, ethereum, javascript, dapp, geth, parity, webpack, nodejs, solidity, solc.

A tutorial blog post and demo app showing how to program Ethereum transactions in JavaScript in a web browser.

Monero's Dominance Further Justified

By Gavin Knight 1 months ago. Tagged under #Monero #Privacy.

Monero has an aggressive six month hard fork cycle which pushes innovation consistently. If you thought Monero only innovated on privacy you’re wrong, the team is advancing all components.

Ethereum Moves Forward

By Gavin Knight 1 months ago. Tagged under #Ethereum #ETHCore.

ETHCORE’s releases of the parity wallet and polkadot network breathe life into Ethereum.

Protecting Ethereum JSON-RPC API with password

By Mikko Ohtamaa 2 months ago. Tagged under parity, go-ethereum, geth, nginx http, dapp, json-rpc, cppethereum, security, linux.

This blog post discussed how to securely run your Ethereum nodes behind a password for secure exposure over Internet.

Rootstock: innovation returns to Bitcoin?

By Gavin Knight 3 months ago. Tagged under Bitcoin, Rootstock, .

The stability and performance of Bitcoin price has solidified its dominance as a currency and soon developers may flock to Bitcoin to form sidechains, or extensions, bringing unification to developer innovation and stable economics.

10 Steps for Evaluating Digital Asset Crowdsales

By Gavin Knight 3 months ago. Tagged under crowd sales, tips.

10 Steps to Evaluating Digital Asset Crowdsales

HackerGold crowdsale audit

By Mikko Ohtamaa 3 months ago. Tagged under .

The results of first HackerGold (HKG) security audit.

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