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Peer Mountain Joins Google Founded LOT Network
Peer Mountain joins the LOT Network as its 259th member. The License On Transfer (LOT) Network is a non-profit community of companies providing the protection from patent assertion entities (PAE’s), commonly known as patent trolls.
12 days ago
How Fetch.AI Will Tackle the World of Transport
Fetch.AI, the world’s first artificial intelligence powered, self-organising smart ledger, is looking to change the way which we interact with transport systems, utilising their groundbreaking technology. Their pioneering work into the world of AI led autonomos economic transactions has several use cases. Here, we break down just how this work can change the world of travel.
16 days ago
How RigoBlock is Democratising Asset Management: An Interview with Founder Gabriele Rigo
We sit down with CEO and Founder of RigoBlock, Gabriele Rigo, to discuss the project, his history in asset management and how his idea will make an $85 trillion dollar industry more accessible.
19 days ago

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Truth Data Cloud

Your Data, Rewarded

4 days ago


The Future of Social Selling

4 days ago

Helix Orange

Bringing ICO projects together with accredited investors

4 days ago

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