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VIN VinChain

Vehicle History on the Blockchain

1. Feb 2018 - 15. Apr 2018

VinChain is creating a worldwide blockchain database of used vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone. The VinChain project unites all data providers and gives the user a complete, uninterrupted vehicle record; all without the disadvantages of a centralized database. Consumers can also significantly increase the value of their vehicles at the time of the sale by contributing to the repository of data on the blockchain with help of vehicle tracking devices. VinChain is a decentralized network that allows you to store VIN data on the blockchain, which guarantees complete data invariability. You can pay for requests on the blockchain with VinChain tokens, afterwhich the tokens will be distributed between information providers depending on the value of the provided information to the community.

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Alex Miles - CEO

Andrei Krainik - Strategic partnership

Stacy Denver - Head of Sales

Aleksey Listopad - CMO

Sergei Pakhomov - Full Stack Developer

Sergei Shosty - UI/UX Specialist, Frontend Designer

Antonina Binetskaya - CTO

Pavel Yeschenko - Blockchain Developer

Michael Zhalevich - Blockchain developer

Alexandr Onyskiv - Software Developer

Konstantine Perzhukou - Software Development Advisor

Vladislav Vasilchyk - System Analyst

Eugene Koval - Software Development Advisor

Ivan Usovich - Full Stack Developer

Ethan Clark - SEO Expert

Anastasiya Kazakova - Customer Support

Pavel Zakharevich - Community Relations

Taganovich Andrei - Business analyst.

Dr. Simon Hassannia - Advisor

David Carp - Advisor

Ed Cicale - Advisor

Matt Carpenter - Advisor

Mark Taylor - Advisor

Richard Patterson - Advisor

Ryan Scott - Advisor

Roger Crook - Advisor

Hillik Nissani - Advisor

Country of origin Estonia


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