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About TokenMarket

  • How does TokenMarket work?TokenMarket offers a unified platform for researching, buy and trading tokens in the emerging decentralized technology space. What is TokenMarket not needed.
  • How TokenMarket benefits me?TokenMarket offers research and data points of digital assets to make investment decisions
  • What is TokenMarket?TokenMarket is a service to trade and research digital assets

Digital assets

  • AddressAddress is the account number used in decentralized transactions
  • BitcoinThe first cryptocurrency gaining mainstream momentum
  • DAOOrganization that is solely based and ran on smart-contracts.
  • Digital assetAssets in digital (binary) format.
  • Functional tokenDigital asset with functional properties besides value
  • Smart contractdecentralized program that functions on defined rules created with scripting languages, which can be either integrated into the protocol or dynamically created.


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  • BitrexA popular digital asset trading service
  • BitTrexA popular digital asset trading service
  • Cryptocurrency exchangeA service to trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets to fiat currency or other digital assets
  • GithubPopular open source software development repository service
  • PoloniexA popular digital asset trading service
  • SlackReal time chat for teams
  • TelegramReal time mobile chat


  • BlockchainGenerally described as a decentralized ledger, that may have additional embedded functionality, or the ability for user scripting of functionality
  • CodebaseOrigin of the source code of the project
  • ConsensusConsensus is generally considered an agreement in the decentralized network to make significant changes. The difficulty of consensus varies by the scope of the project.
  • Consensus algorithmMechanism deciding
  • Consensus MechanismConsensus process: the method of action for network or project creators to decide on changes to the decentralized system
  • DelegatesA process where the protocol designates certain entities based on various factors to secure transactions on the network.
  • MiningMathematical way of verifying transactions in a decentralized secure manner where participants are generally rewarded for dedicating resources.
  • Pre-mineWhen the creators of a decentralized token keep a portion for themselves either by allocating funds before launch or self-mining before publicly releasing information to other miners.
  • Pre-minedA digital proof-of-work asset where notable amount value is giving to founders directly, instead of going through mining process
  • Proof-of-stakeA mechanism of securing the network of a decentralized protocol, by honoring entities who hold funds in the system. Some system use delegates whereby certain entities are rewarded more for positive activity within the system.
  • ShardingHorizontal partition of data in a database (like blockchain) or search engine.
  • TestnetA testing network for a decentralized project, that allows testing of experimental features.
  • What is Token?Understand the difference between a cryptocurrency and a token & different types of tokens in the market.
  • What is Token Sale?Token Sale is the event through which blockchain startups are raising capital by offering tokens in exchange of cryptocurrencies and legal tender.
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