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Help articles for buying, selling and managing utility and security tokens, cryptocurrency wallets.

About TokenMarket

  • How does TokenMarket work?TokenMarket provides impartial industry news, lists upcoming ICO projects and provides users the ability to research, invest and trade in the latest cutting edge start-ups.
  • How TokenMarket benefits me?TokenMarket offers users data points, as well as highly tuned research, to allow users to be better informed about blockchain, crypto and ICO projects. This impartial and unbiased advice provides users a trustworthy portal to create a better understanding across the crypto spectrum.
  • What is TokenMarket?TokenMarket is a company based in Gibraltar with a global footprint thanks to offices in London, Finland, and Dubai. The team is focused in allowing our clients and users services and information relating to ICOs, Blockchain and Crypto.


Security tokens

  • What is a security token?Security tokens are a digital representation of regulated financial instruments, recorded on a blockchain.


  • AddressAddress is the account number used in decentralized transactions
  • BitcoinThe first cryptocurrency gaining mainstream momentum
  • DAOOrganization that is solely based and ran on smart-contracts.
  • Digital assetAssets in digital (binary) format.
  • Functional tokenDigital asset with functional properties besides value
  • Smart contractdecentralized program that functions on defined rules created with scripting languages, which can be either integrated into the protocol or dynamically created.

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