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GraphGrail Ai

Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain

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Symbol GAI
Token sale opening date

19. Feb 2018

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

25. May 2018

a day ago


They are developing a platform for analyzing large amounts of text data, solving the problems of extracting knowledge (IR – information retrieval) and complex semantic classification based on machine learning, neural networks and deep learning technologies. Their priorities are the banking sector, biotechnology and medicine, security and law enforcement. The key element of the platform is a universal constructor for complex classifications of text, i.e. an AI designer.



Victor Nosko - CEO & Founder

Sergey Litvinov - Cofounder & Developer

Alexander Borodich - Venture investor & CMO

Zackhar Ponimash - AI, Data scientist, developer

Dmitry Strelnikov - Blockchain & Fullstack developer

Ilya Bredihin - Mathematician

Country of origin Russia


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