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The future of dispute resolution

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12. Feb 2018

in 23 days

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14. Mar 2018

in 2 months


Jury.Online is developing a blockchain-agnostic protocol of secure communication between the parties of the deal with the possibility to attract independent arbiters that will pass the verdict on the outcome of the deal if it requires their involvement. Since all the changes in the blockchain need to comply with the rules predefined by the protocol specifications, the deal cannot be corrupted or changed by the parties of the deal or any 3rd party.



Alexander Shevtsov - Founder & Main Developer

Konstantin Kudriavtsev - CTO

Sergey Mishin - Devops

Nikita Alekseev - Art Directo

Andrei Mukhametvaleev - Web Developer

Art Pirozhkov - COO

Anastasia Bormotova - PR

Marina Kobyakova - Business Development

Sarthak Sahai - Community Director

Eric Zimikind - Marketing Manager

Vlad Usov - Community Manager

Andrei Veressov - Legal registration

Country of origin Estonia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Happy new year from Jury.Online and founder Alexander personally 19 days ago

JURY.ONLINE IN KOREA Meetings with investors and pitch a month ago

We have positive NEWS! The DigRate team has assigned a High Quality Rate to the Jury.Online project. Jury.Online is a platform that provides services for the resolution of any kind of disputes with the participation of an independent group of expert judges. The main problems of the market, that the project plans to solve are high fees for professional legal services, excessive duration of trials and non-enforcement of court decisions. The platform has a flexible smart contract that allows to conduct multilateral transactions, randomize the pool of judges, and also includes a number of approaches that exclude the corruption component of the dispute resolution process. It should be noted that the source codes of the smart contract and protocol have been published on GitHub. The platform will use the escrow function, that allows to transfer funds only if certain conditions are met and if it is confirmed by an independent third party ⎼ escrow agent. However, there is no detailed market overview and competitive advantages (for example, over CrowdJustice) in the whitepaper of the project. The appeal to traditional courts is too time-consuming and expensive in case of disputed transactions with insignificant funds. The Jury.Online platform, using the built-in arbitration system, is trying to resolve disputes outside the framework of state procedural requirements, without violating the requirements of different countries legislation in the field of contractual relations between the parties. Legal recognition of such decisions on disputes by all subjects of contractual relations is also possible. The composition of the team is quite balanced and includes developers of the platform, specialists in marketing, strategic development, and other fields. It should be noted that the team members do not have impressive achievements in the field of jurisprudence and the project needs additional legal authority specialists. There is also a roadmap in the whitepaper of the project, although the marketing plan for international expansion has not been worked out yet. The High Quality Rate of the Jury.Online means that the project’s goals, market problems and their solutions are clearly defined, and the team members have the necessary potential for the platform implementation..." #ICO #blockchain #crypto #tokensale #crowdsale a month ago

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