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Automated Crypto-Trading

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Symbol GMR
Token sale opening date

1. Feb 2018

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

28. Feb 2018

3 months ago


Gimmer is a decentralised, automated trading application for cryptocurrencies. In a market that never sleeps, traders no longer need to be chained to their screen 24/7 monitoring exchanges. Now, they can quickly and easily create trading strategies and have their own team of Gimmer bots doing all the buying and selling for them. Gimmer’s automated trading bots are quickly configured through a simple point and select interface so you don’t need to learn any programming or any new skills to create your strategy. Gimmer has been built as a community-based automated cryptocurrency trading platform where users interact, share and learn together. It’s easy-to-use and accessible to all types of users such as novice, intermediate and advanced traders and investors. The way it creates value and differs from competitors in the ecosystem is through it's bot store, where it opens the world of crypto-trading to complete beginners. They can rent a trading strategies from more experienced traders and trade with confidence. The strategy creators can set their own fees and these can even be free if they so wish.

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Pérsio Flexa - CTO

Philipe Comini - CEO

Paul Lindsell - COO

Arrykrishna M. - Data scientist

Lucas Assis - Full stack Developer

William Xavier - Full stack Developer

Michel Comini - Marketing Director

JG Mascarin - Customer Researcher

Benjamin Vitáris - Journalist

JR Mascarin - Commercial Director

Masaichi Hasegawa - Commercial Director Japan

Beatriz Marques - Community Manager

Country of origin Gibraltar


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