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Global tokenized platform for car title loans

5. Feb 2018 - 31. Mar 2018 is a specialized platform for providing loans secured by cars. It is joined by car dealers, credit brokers, microfinance organizations, consumer credit cooperatives and other partner organizations from different regions. Having connected to the system, they can provide loans to their customers in unlimited amounts and at a lower interest rate: the platform helps to reduce processing costs and thereby offer loan conditions 20-60% better than the market average, depending on the region. Funds for loans are formed by investors who receive their commission from each loan.



Tomas Novak - CEO

Eric Hofer - CTO

Franz Huber - Blockchain developer

Walter Kern - Backend developer

Philipp Schwarz, Frontend developer

Fabio Ricci - Project manager

Martin Steiner - CMO

Country of origin Austria


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)