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CH CryptoHunt

Augmented Reality to the Blockchain

15. Jun 2018 - 14. Jul 2018

CryptoHunt is an augmented reality game which uses game theory, economics, and pure oldfashioned fun to entice users into playing. The company’s business model rests on the massive adoption of the game, bringing along lucrative sponsorship deals and partnerships with retailers, bars, fast food locations and other points of interest. Players will explore real world locations in search for virtual chests, items, and creatures investigating a layer of a mystical world placed on top of our own. They’ll compete and race to complete challenges, work together and against each other, and earn money while doing it. Sponsors can benefit from signing up with the game by making their retail location (e.g. McDonalds) a point of interest, and players will have to venture there. Sometimes sponsored locations might even have better items or higher rewards! The game’s isolated but globally compatible micro-economy serves both as a means to fund ingame actions by players (thereby offloading the tokens onto the company who place them back onto the market to regain profits) and as a means to reward players for not only completing ingame tasks, but also during live-streaming events by the audience.

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Sascha Srdoch - CEO

Milan Urosevic - CFO

Bruno Skvorc - CTO

Sasa Zrna - Lead Game developer

Ivan Voras - Lead Backend Developer

Rea Budic - Lead Graphic Designer

Marina Srdoc - Master of Law

Ilija Ilicic - Web developer & Community manager

Umair Ahmed - AR/VR Graphic designer

Meredith Darden - Senior community representative

Cipherhex Technology - Frontend development

Rostislav Rusev - Director of Marketing

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