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CLIN Clinicoin

Cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community

21. Feb 2018 - 31. May 2018

Clinicoin is an open source, blockchain-leveraged health and wellness platform, enhanced by a token-based rewards ecosystem. It rewards community users for taking part in health, wellness, and research activities, improving their lives and the lives of others. Clinicoin was created by Mosio, a company that has been innovating in the health industry for 10 years. Several top clients are ready to hit the ground running with the platform.



Noel Chandler - Co-Founder & CEO

Jay Sachdev - Co-Founder & CTO

Daaron Dwyer - Senior Software Engineer

Carl Inniss - Senior Software Engineer

Charlotte Justice - Director, Customer Success

Mary Beth Shields - Client Services Manager

Harry Antibus - Strategy & Market Development

Proshonjit Das - Blockchain Developer

Jamie Seymour - Account Executive

Gil Bindelglas - Blockchain Consultant

Mark Schwartz - Legal Counsel

Issey Morita - Marketing Manager, Japan

Ahmad Tahhan - Front-End Developer

Andrea Jones - Community and Social Media

Mobeen Muzzammil - UI/UX Designer

Matthew Fuller - Digital Marketing Manager

Country of origin USA


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