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Unlocking cryptocurrency payments for retai

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Symbol TM-BEE
Token sale opening date

29. Nov 2017

6 months ago

Token sale closing date

29. Dec 2017

5 months ago


BEEQB is an All-in-One business ecosystem combining the innovative BEE crypto currency (developed for B2C and B2B market transactions), a business management module (including a payment terminal, a powerful CRM system, accounting software, marketing unit, HR, etc. ) and the platform of inter-corporate interaction. The main objective of the BEEQB ecosystem is to create an infrastructure for the legal acceptance of crypto-currency payments in the retail and service businesses around the world. BEEQB in conjunction with the BEE and the SnappyConfirm protocol is designed to become a bridge between the world of real business and the crypto market.



Sergey Glukhota - CEO

Aleksander Yankovskiy - CSO

Dmitriy Kazak - CTO

Olga Berezinchuk - CHRO

Katya Barrow - Communication Manager

Dmitriy Sablin - Community manager

Country of origin United Kingdom


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BeeWallet: Technical update · 1 months ago

[BEEQB] BeeWallet weekly update · 2 months ago

BEEQB global update · 2 months ago

Happy New Year News · 4 months ago

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Affiliate Program Launched! Share your link and get 30 % of invited users. · a month ago

I just published “BeeWallet: Technical update” · 1 months ago

I look at the BTC from 12/2 to 3/31. And I understand that the war of 400 billion CAP against 4 trillion freshly-pr… · 2 months ago

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Hi friends. Sorry that for a long time there was no news. The current week will begin with great news. 1. Finally, we are ready to enter the exchange. 2. The counted days remained until the launch of its own exchange. The testing of the exchange has already been completed, there have been several improvements, security audit and go to the market. 3. Listing: we conduct two listing procedures - scoring and voting. 4. Scoring - we analyze the project and decide on the listing. 5. Voting - holders of BEE tokens vote for the listing of the project. To vote for the project you need to give a token (one token - one vote). For each vote, positive or negative, each voter will receive project tokens, as a vote of thanks. We plan that voting for the tokens will bring the voter, at least x2 from the BEE price. 6. For the first month, maybe even two months, we will remove the commission for bidding. 7. Together with the release of the exchange, we will release a web version of BeeWallet. 8. Referral program: Payments under the affiliate program - 30% of all user payments in the system. Types of payments and referral commission: Listing of the token - up to 1BTC; Integration of BeeWallet Corp to the client - up to 0.5BTC; Payments for the execution of the order - with the average activity of the trader, from 0.001BTC per day. 13 days ago

We work hard on #BeeXchange. Short roadmap for development for the current month: This week: 1. Orders 2. BTC I / O 3. USD I / O May 1-10: 1. Full launch of the exchange with charts. 2. Adding a pair of ETH / USD, BCH / USD, LTC / USD, BTC / ETH, 3. Add erc20 tokens and pairs with it. Buy BEEQB token now: a month ago

Партнерская программа запущена! Распространяйте свою ссылку и получайте 30% от платежей приглашенных пользователей. a month ago

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