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Unlocking cryptocurrency payments for retai

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Symbol TM-BEE
Token sale opening date

31. Jan 2018

20 days ago

Token sale closing date

28. Feb 2018

in 7 days


BEEQB is an All-in-One business ecosystem combining the innovative BEE crypto currency (developed for B2C and B2B market transactions), a business management module (including a payment terminal, a powerful CRM system, accounting software, marketing unit, HR, etc. ) and the platform of inter-corporate interaction. The main objective of the BEEQB ecosystem is to create an infrastructure for the legal acceptance of crypto-currency payments in the retail and service businesses around the world. BEEQB in conjunction with the BEE and the SnappyConfirm protocol is designed to become a bridge between the world of real business and the crypto market.



Sergey Glukhota - CEO

Aleksander Yankovskiy - CSO

Dmitriy Kazak - CTO

Olga Berezinchuk - CHRO

Katya Barrow - Communication Manager

Dmitriy Sablin - Community manager

Country of origin United Kingdom


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Happy New Year News · 24 days ago

Happy ICO fin · 2 months ago

Friday updates · 2 months ago

Happy new project, don’t worry it’s not about ICO · 2 months ago

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I just published “Happy New Year News” · 24 days ago

I just published “Happy ICO fin” · 2 months ago

I just published “Friday updates” · 2 months ago

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#BEEQB #Bitcoin #Ethereum #erc20 #blockchain #BEE Hey. Every week we want to please you with delightful news about the project. Unfortunately, at the moment we can not show you a stunning progress. First of all, this is due to the fact that for a long time we are rebuilding working roadmap for the sum that we have collected, at the moment. The second aspect is that now we are creating the world's first BTC wallet for business. A distinctive feature of our wallet is the fact that all transactions in it happen instantly and with the lowest fee. Access to the wallet can have an infinite number of people, but not each of the trustees can spend money from the account. We create a blockchain wallet, which completely copies bank accounts. This is a hard work, which we plan to finish in the near future and present you four versions of the wallet: 1. Personal wallet; 2. Multisig-wallet 2-to-2 and 2-to-3 3. Trusted wallet - a wallet with a guarantee of performance of the transaction 4. Business wallet with role access to the wallet: Owner, director, accountant, salesman. The first three versions will be available absolutely free of charge. A business purse is available by subscription for 9.99BEE per month. The wallet will be available in 4 versions: Telegram-bot, Web-version, application for iOS and Android. The next steps after launching the BTC wallet will be the introduction of the ETH + erc20 wallet (we have already developed it and it's waiting for its turn to be implemented). At the moment we consider #BeeWallet as the main product of the company and it is from him that we will start the future development. We also want to say that the listing to the stock exchange is planned after the launch of the wallet. After entering the stock exchange, we will implement the already developed business solution for retail business and start developing a solution for restaurants. Wait for updates. We are in a hurry to please you with news. 24 days ago

beeqb updated their cover photo. 1 months ago We're creating a new standard of crypto-wallet. Join the revolution of crypto-currency payments now. 1 months ago

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