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TM-BEE beeqb

Unlocking cryptocurrency payments for retai

29. Nov 2017 - 29. Dec 2017

BEEQB is an All-in-One business ecosystem combining the innovative BEE crypto currency (developed for B2C and B2B market transactions), a business management module (including a payment terminal, a powerful CRM system, accounting software, marketing unit, HR, etc. ) and the platform of inter-corporate interaction. The main objective of the BEEQB ecosystem is to create an infrastructure for the legal acceptance of crypto-currency payments in the retail and service businesses around the world. BEEQB in conjunction with the BEE and the SnappyConfirm protocol is designed to become a bridge between the world of real business and the crypto market.

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Sergey Glukhota - CEO

Aleksander Yankovskiy - CSO

Dmitriy Kazak - CTO

Olga Berezinchuk - CHRO

Katya Barrow - Communication Manager

Dmitriy Sablin - Community manager

Country of origin United Kingdom


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