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Status Name Symbol Description Blockchain
 Trading Counterparty XCP Smart contracts on Bitcoin using the Solidity language Bitcoin
 Trading Factom FCT A General Purpose Data Layer for the Blockchain Bitcoin
 ICO coming Git Money TM-GIT Freelance marketplace Bitcoin
 ICO coming Hivemind TM-HIVE P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace Bitcoin
 ICO over Lykke LKK Blockchain based global marketplace Bitcoin
Mass TM-MASS Blockchain based solution for online advertising and ad blocking Bitcoin
 Trading Omni OMNI Open-source, fully-decentralized asset platform on the Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin
PascalCoin PSC PascalCoin offers a safebox system similar to a bank account. Bitcoin
 ICO over Qtum QTUM token UTXO based POS Smart Contract Platform Bitcoin
RarePepe PEPECASH Tradeable cards based on the PEPE meme Bitcoin
Rootstock RSK Bitcoin powered Smart Contracts Bitcoin
 ICO over True Flip Lottery TFL Blockchain lottery Bitcoin
Yours TM-YOURS Content creation platform where curators to get paid for their work in bitcoin. Bitcoin