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Symbol TFL
Crowdsale opening date

28. Jun 2017

3 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

28. Jul 2017

2 months ago


True Flip is the international anonymous blockchain lottery with instant payouts, open source code, and transparent prize fund.



Nikita Parhomenko - COO

Konstantin Katsev - Marketing director

Daniil Andriyanov - CFO

Alex Gorlo - Marketing manager

Vasili Polynov - PR director

Dmitry Machikhin - Crypto lawyer

Felix Sidokhin - Core developer

Nikita Ivanov - Core developer

Oleh Skorbatiuk - IT infrastructure architecht

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Blockchain Bitcoin (What is blockchain?)


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Cheaper tickets, 100+ BTC for Jackpot! · 21 days ago

True Flip listed on HitBTC! · a month ago

True Flip LIVE broadcast @ 15/08/17 · a month ago

True Flip successfully finishes crowdsale with over 2000 BTC raised · a month ago

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We love you too) · a day ago

Investor lottery will be held on September 22! 5 prizes - 10, 4, 3, 2 and 1btc! Hurry up and don't forget to turn 2fa on) · 2 days ago

Salut, Brasil! · 8 days ago

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Dear True Flip token holders, We are pleased to invite you in the special lottery, which takes place on Sept. 22 ! Each 100 TFL you own brings 1 ticket for this special draw (available only for TFL Token Holders). As announced earlier, 1% of True Flip crowdsale gainings will go to 5 lucky winners chosen with the help of our genuine RNG. You can explore the code on GitHub. Winning prizes: 1 place — 10 BTC 2 place — 4 BTC 3 place — 3 BTC 4 place — 2 BTC 5 place — 1 BTC Please note, that if you didn’t withdraw your tokens yet from True Flip account, they participate in the draw automatically, so just accept rules here: and wait for the results. Otherwise send your TFL to the address, you can find in your balance page in TrueFlip. We strongly recommend to turn on 2-FA google authentication before send your TFL. Winners will be defined with the following Bitcoin blocks: 486575 486576 486577 486578 486579. It will happen approximately at 16:00-17:00 UTC on 22th of September. Yours, True Flip Team 2 days ago

Salut, Brasil! 8 days ago

Our smart contract is finally verified! Take a look here: 19 days ago

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