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Cryptocurrency with delayed proof of work consensus mechanism

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Symbol KMD
Token sale opening date

15. Oct 2016

a year ago

Token sale closing date

14. Nov 2016

a year ago


Komodo will bring about the anonymity of Zcash along with the NXT style PoS security, the witness based consensus system inspired by Bitshares, and the security and reliability of the Proof of Work Bitcoin Blockchain, which is a tested and proven system kept by thousands of nodes. Komodo's the Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) consensus method will make Bitcoin the center of all PoS/dPoW cryptocurrencies, allowing the energy that is used in bitcoin mining to be utilized to secure other cryptocurrencies, thus making Bitcoin more energy efficient, while making other cryptocurrencies safer. this will add value to the entire alternative cryptocurrency sphere and to bitcoin itself as it becomes a vital part of other currencies and platforms.

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RT @BarterDex: Among recent changes: cashaddress format for $BCH @BITCOlNCASH - added $GRS @GroestlcoinTeam - $HODLC @HOdlcoin - $CRC @Crow… · a day ago

RT @BarterDex: Monday January 22 starting at 14:00 UTC: another BarterDex stress test! 777 $kmd prize for the best swapper. Get the latest… · a day ago

RT @ru_komodo: @BarterDex теперь на русском! Скачать последнюю бета-версию: #KMD #Dex #AtomicSwaps… · a day ago

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Satinderjit Singh released v0.7.0-beta of his advanced gui, now with first charts and zeroconf option enabled: A lot of backend and gui changes, expect more ironing out in next releases #kmd #komodo #atomicswaps #dex 2 months ago

#Komodo Successfully Makes Zeroconf #AtomicSwaps New #BarterDEX Whitepaper and MORE. 2 months ago

Following up on the improved zeroconf feature: a technical description has been added on github: atomic swaps can now be done in 15-30 seconds. This is an HUGE achievement and bleeding edge innovation for crypto!!! #kmd #komodo #atomicswaps #dex 2 months ago

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