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Cryptocurrency with delayed proof of work consensus mechanism

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Symbol KMD
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15. Oct 2016

2 years ago

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14. Nov 2016

a year ago


Komodo will bring about the anonymity of Zcash along with the NXT style PoS security, the witness based consensus system inspired by Bitshares, and the security and reliability of the Proof of Work Bitcoin Blockchain, which is a tested and proven system kept by thousands of nodes. Komodo's the Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) consensus method will make Bitcoin the center of all PoS/dPoW cryptocurrencies, allowing the energy that is used in bitcoin mining to be utilized to secure other cryptocurrencies, thus making Bitcoin more energy efficient, while making other cryptocurrencies safer. this will add value to the entire alternative cryptocurrency sphere and to bitcoin itself as it becomes a vital part of other currencies and platforms.

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A demo of the KomodoPlatform #DAPP for the @bloc_social #decentralized #ICO $BTNT #blockchain #cashlesseconomy 2 days ago

‪A demo of the @KomodoPlatform #DAPP for the #decentralized #ICO $BTNT #blockchain #cashlesseconomy ‬ 2 days ago

Unwrapping the Vision, Genius and Strategy of Blocnation, the World’s First dICO from Established Leader in #Cashless NFC Event Payment Solutions. Kuala Lampur #Malaysia, March 31st 2018, the Good Vibes Music Festival is well underway and event-goers are amp’d, feeling good, and attending completely cashless. Wristband secured, party on. No cash, no clutter, no worries…and all the concessions, beer, food and merch with a quick wireless scan of the secure wristband! This isn’t the first Cashless Event by PouchNation, Southeast #Asia’s Leader in Cashless Event Management Solutions. Those of us in the Western hemisphere may not know the name so well, but anyone who’s been to a Music Festival, Sporting Event, or even Business Conference within Southeast Asia may recall wearing a little bracelet or being given a card with a little “chip” inside, an NFC chip. PouchNATION is the leading provider of total access and cashless event management in South East Asia. With partnerships in 9 countries, locations in 6, and an infrastructure in place for providing events with complete management and payment gateways, PouchNATION has been doing Cashless for the better part of 5 years. What, on the surface, looks like a technology company providing a seamless event-going experience, internally is a team of visionaries gradually and successfully positioning themselves within a gap in Southeast Asia that has yet to be bridged. It’s not all about Festivals, Fun, Sports, and Business Gatherings at Pouch. Through their unique position as a payment processor, B2B provider, and User Experience expert, they have identified a need within their own market and region for which they may just have the perfect solution. In Southeast Asia alone, only 27% of the population has a bank account. While nearly everyone has a smart phone. …and smart phones have NFC capabilities. …and PouchNATION specializes in NFC Cashless payment systems for events. …and the partnerships… We’ll cover this in detail later, but do you see where this is going? Spoiler Alert: PouchNATION / BlocNATION is identifying a need in the market and recognizing they have the infrastructure and technology to provide for that need in a way traditional systems are provably failing…and the possibilities are abundant. Established and Booming BlocNATION is the new project being launched by PouchNATION in partnership with Komodo Platform (dICO is April 17, 2018) and the first truly decentralized ICO ever held. The BlocNATION project is tied directly to PouchNATION (team included…e.g. PouchNATION’s CMO is BlocNATION’s CEO) and it’s infrastructure, technology, relationships and partnerships held and operated by PouchNATION. Think about any ICO in which you’ve invested and which came to the industry out of nowhere. There are legitimate projects raising millions which have no past, no history, no parent company, no track record besides the team member’s previous involvements. And of course some not-so-legit projects popping up out of nowhere as well. The first thing that really sets the BlocNATION project out from the noise is the established and innovative company behind it, and the partnership between the project and company. So from a reputation perspective, BlocNATION has a strong foot into being a highly successful project in my book and is definitely one of the most mouthwatering projects for investors in over the past 2 years. Track Record Launched in 2012 with only $500,000 of seed funding, PouchNATION quickly and effectively dominated a visionary industry: Cashless, Fully Managed, User Friendly Events. Today PouchNATION leads the Southeast Asia market with transactions surpassing $25,000,000 through over 100 events. They have partnerships in 9 countries and counting, including multi-currency payment gateways. PouchNATION has a dominant market share in Southeast Asia in both partnerships, events and now through equipping venues with their technology. Infrastructure The technology PouchNATION has leveraged is NFC, the same technology behind Apple Pay and similar “proximity” secure and wireless communications systems. More about NFC later in this article. How they leverage this technology is through a cashless payment system, access controls, and tracking of event-goers. This means people attending, say, a sporting event don’t have to carry cash or a wallet or credit cards, etc. They receive a wristband and load up their unique account/ID with PouchNATIONs tokens. These are internal tokens to PouchNATION’s database of course, but you can see the obvious next iteration is the Bloc Token and how BlocNATION is going to interact with existing PouchNATION tech. This infrastructure is not just hardware related (NFC Chip-equipped wristbands and cards branded for the event, etc…card reading software and apps or devices, etc), they have developed a database driven management system, customized for each event and organizer to help them manage everything from ticket purchase, to access control of where different event-goers are allowed in the event, to analytics and marketing. Most recently, PouchNATION announced expanding their business from simply event management software and tools/tokens, to equipping entire venues with their technology. This means an entire sports arena could be custom geared with PouchNATION’s solution for all events at that arena, and of course includes all purchases made inside the venue…cashless using the wristband or NFC enabled card. Read the full blog post here: 4 days ago

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