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Symbol EON
Crowdsale opening date

25. Apr 2017

a month ago

Crowdsale closing date

31. May 2017

in 20 hours


Exscudo is the nextgen financial ecosystem. Its main goal is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway to the market for common users, traders, investors and financial institutions. Exscudo consists of a Stock exchange, merchant, trading terminals, cards and the Exscudo Channels app – a mobile wallet and messenger. All Exscudo services are connected to the liquidity center via the company’s own blockchain EON - this measure makes them more secure and transparent than existing cryptocurrency exchanges. The EON blockchain platform enables the whole system to be transparent without disclosing bank secrecy.

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Andrew Zimine - CEO, founder

Alex Sitnikov - CTO, founder

Julian Kossinov - Legal and Financial Advisor, European and North American Markets Advisor

Country of origin Estonia


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Q&A Interview with Exscudo CEO Andrew Zimine · 4 days ago

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#ICOexsc What happens if you invest in Exscudo now? Don't miss your final opportunity: https://t.co/OXLnMXVJRr https://t.co/Khnxr14yBV · 12 hours ago

#ICOexsc Exscudo Helpdesk Launched. If you have any problems or ideas, email us to help@exscudo.com.… https://t.co/ePbGBweJRp · 3 days ago

#ICOexsc Exclusive Q&A Interview with Exscudo CEO Andrew Zimine https://t.co/6tub9RBY4X #blockchain #cryptocurrency · 4 days ago

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#ICOexsc What if you join Exscudo ICO now? Exscudo ICO ends in 2 days. What do you get if you join us now? We value our customers in Exscudo. This is why we have introduced bonuses for all people who support our project, regardless the period of time. If you join our ICO today, you will enjoy the following bonuses: 1. You will be able to trade daily without commissions the same amount of money on Exscudo Exchange as you invested during the ICO. Example: if you invest 0.5 BTC, you can trade daily 0.5 BTC with 0% commission. Lifelong. 2. You will get a share of the unsold coins. 50% of the unsold EONs will be distributed among ICO participants proportionally. The current multiplicator is x8.8. Example: you have bought 10.000 EON coins, and if the ICO ended today, you would have got 88.000 coins! And one more thing... Exscudo has all chanced to become the most groundbreaking project of 2017. You can become part of it now. Don't miss your chance! https://exscudo.com/ico/ 12 hours ago

#ICOexsc Exscudo Helpdesk Launched The team has launched an automatic helpdesk to provide for quick customer assistance. The Helpdesk team deals with technical problems of Exscudo customers. There are two ways of sending an inquiry: sending an email to help@exscudo.com or creating an issue on http://help.exscudo.com. The help desk web page requires an additional registration with the same email address as used within Exscudo but it is not directly connected to the Exscudo accounts. Requests are solved within 3 business days after receipt, in accordance with the SLA rules. However, the average solution time is now 24-48 hours. “Our goal is to get the average resolution time down to 24 hours, and the time of the first response to 8 hours, when the Exchange is launched”, – comments Alex Sitnikov, CTO of Exscudo. “The automatic helpdesk allows our customers to track how their inquiries are being solved, and makes sure that we haven’t missed anything ourselves”. Exscudo also encourages its customers to share their ideas about the project using Helpdesk. All suggestions concerning new functionality and features will be registered and reviewed by the team. If a specific feature is proposed by many users, it will be included into the project’s road map. “We want to develop our products in collaboration with the community”, – said Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, – “We are creating services for people. Services that will facilitate the everyday life of our customers. This is why we value any feedback we receive from the community and encourage our users to let us know any ideas they would like to have implemented in Exscudo”. #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ICO 3 days ago

#ICOexsc Exclusive Q&A Interview with Exscudo CEO Andrei Zimine! Andrew answers the questions asked by the crypto-community. 4 days ago

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