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PTI Paytomat

Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program and DAO for Crypto Payments

20. Nov 2018 - 20. Dec 2018

Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real life traction for cryptocurrencies as emerging method of everyday payments. Built as a decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized franchise, Paytomat features two unique loyalty programs based on the PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, incentivizing end customers to pay with crypto. For the purposes of the token salethey will use Waves-based token PTI.



Yurii Olentir - CEO

Andrei Arsenin - CTO

Andriy Velykyy - Business Development Director

Alexandr Baranovsky - Marketing Development Director

Iaroslava Tkalich - CMO

Dmitry Baimuratov - Blockchain Evangelist

Oleksandr Kurinnyi - COO

Sudip Banerjee - Chief Analyst

Antonina Shatsylo - Communications Director

Vladyslav Martiushev - Community Manager

Yaroslav Omeliyanenko - Digital Marketing Manager

Country of origin Estonia


Blockchain Eos (What is blockchain?)