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WU Wulet

Crypto-cashback from everyday purchases

1. Jun 2019 - 30. Jun 2019

WULET is a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for companies. We are creating the ultimate tool that will help customers to store all their cards, discounts, and coupons in one convenient system, to exchange loyalty points of different companies and use them timely to their maximum effect. In the meantime, it will allow companies to elevate the management of loyalty programs to an absolutely new level, to benefit from entering a “blue ocean” market of tradable loyalty points and to increase ROI and client retention rate.

With WULET: Payment information is uploaded onto WULET using a QR-code; You can spend your bonuses on partner marketplaces, save in the form of WU-token, or sell them on the WULET internal exchange; All discounts and promotions are located in one app, WULET, and you don’t need to go through each programme individually; You receive profits, and the store gets a loyal client.



German Domanskii - CEO

Alexey Popov - CTO

Leonid Strimovskii - CFO

Mark G. Koh - Analysty in the sphere of gamification

Alexander Utkin - Client Application Developer

Victor Grebennikov - Client Application Developer

Gregory Kalinin - Server programmer

Victoria Yanovich - Project manager

Lyubov Shuvalova - Designer

Sergey Chemodanov - Client Application Developer

Vyet Fam - Franchisor of international furniture company Kare Design. Founder of logistic company in Israel and Netherlands

Arina Myasnikova - PR-manager

Country of origin Estonia


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