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WU Wulet

Crypto-cashback from everyday purchases

1. May 2018 - 1. Sep 2018

WULET will combine all loyalty programs and bonus points in one application. It’s very simple — specify a phone number when registering and all points in all loyalty programs will be automatically displayed in your personal account. Internal exchange with individual rate of each program will give you a chance to choose how exactly you want to spend accrued points. Bonus air miles may transform into extra litres of fuel at a gas station, and bonus points of retailers may easily become a discount in a restaurant. With WULET you can withdraw bonuses in WU-tokens or in fiat or buy some tokens and become a member of any loyalty program. This allows to make loyalty programmes easier, more practical, and more pro table for the average user. At the same time, it also allows businesses to attract new clientele and retain their current clients.



German Domanskii - CEO

Alexey Popov - CTO

Leonid Strimovskii - CFO

Mark G. Koh - Analysty in the sphere of gamification

Alexander Utkin - Client Application Developer

Victor Grebennikov - Client Application Developer

Gregory Kalinin - Server programmer

Victoria Yanovich - Project manager

Lyubov Shuvalova - Designer

Sergey Chemodanov - Client Application Developer

Vyet Fam - Franchisor of international furniture company Kare Design. Founder of logistic company in Israel and Netherlands

Arina Myasnikova - PR-manager

Country of origin Estonia


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