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Status Name Symbol Description Blockchain
 ICO coming Akasha Akasha Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage Ethereum
 Trading Augur REP Prediction market platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Back to Earth SRC Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content Ethereum
 ICO coming BANCOR Network BGT A hierachical monetary system Ethereum
 ICO coming Basic Attention Token BAT Introducing blockchain-based advertising Ethereum
 ICO over Beyond The Void NEXIUMS Real-time strategy video game Ethereum
 ICO over Blockchain Capital BCAP Digital Liquid Venture Fund Ethereum
Boardroom TM-BOARDROOM Blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations Ethereum
 ICO coming Borg DAO BRG The Borg DAO will help to stimulate development on Ethereum Classic, by incentivizing developers to support the ETC blockchain for their DApps and to integrate their applications into the Borg DAO. Ethereum
 ICO over Branche BLT Decentralized Consumer Micro­credit and Financial Services Ethereum
 ICO over ChronoBank LH Time based currencies on multiple blockchains Ethereum
 ICO coming CodeTract CTT Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value Ethereum
 Trading DigixDAO DGD DAO that sells gold with Ethereum based coins Ethereum
 ICO over Edgeless EDG Decentralized Casino Ethereum
Elephant ELCOIN Multifunctional economic platform for businesses Ethereum
 Trading Ether ETH Open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications. Ethereum
Ether Design TM-ETHERDESIGN Decentralized design sourcing Ethereum
 ICO coming Etherex ETHEREX Fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Ethereum
Etherisc RSC A decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace Ethereum
 Trading Expanse EXP Decentralized information, application, and contract platform Ethereum
 ICO over FirstBlood 1ST A token for participating eSports matches and betting Ethereum
 ICO coming Gnosis Gnosis Crowd-sources, ethereum based prediction market Ethereum
 ICO over Golem GNT Using personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers Ethereum
Hacker Gold HKG Virtual hackathon token Ethereum
 ICO over Hong Coin Ħ Decentralized venture fund on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO running Humaniq TM-Humaniq Token Decentralized Banking Ethereum
Iconomi ICN Investment fund management platform for the decentralised economy Ethereum
 ICO over RLC Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing Ethereum
 ICO over InChain INC A decentralised insurance platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. Ethereum
 ICO over Intellisys MIT Securitized Blockchain Asset Ethereum
 ICO over Kibo KBT Decentralized lottery platform based on Ethereum smart-contracts Ethereum
 ICO running Lunyr LUN Decentralized World Knowledge Base Ethereum
 ICO over Matchpool GUP Making human connections Ethereum
 ICO over Melon MLN Blockchain software for asset management Ethereum
 ICO coming Metal METAL Earn rewards every time you send or spend. Ethereum
 ICO coming MyBit MyB Decentralized Asset Management w/ AI & Smart Financing Ethereum
 ICO coming Mysterium Network TM-MYSTERIUM Decentralised VPN service built on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming Napoleon Capital TM- NAPOLEON Smart Trading Bots Ethereum
Numerai NMR A new kind of hedge fund Ethereum
 ICO coming Omise GO OMG Help us bank the unbanked, the right way Ethereum
 ICO over PassLfix PSLFX Smart contract ethereum based parcel delivery. Ethereum
 ICO coming Populous PPT Invoice finance and factoring in blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming ReiDAO RD Digitalizing real estate ownerships Ethereum
 ICO over Santiment SNT Cryptomarkets intelligence platform Ethereum
 Trading Shift SHIFT A network for decentralized applications Ethereum
 ICO coming Sikoba TM-SIKOBA A P2P IOU/credit platform Ethereum
 Trading SingularDTV SNGLS Blockchain film and television studio & distribution portal Ethereum
 ICO coming SONM Network SPT Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining (GRIB technology) Ethereum
 ICO coming Starbase STAR Blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Status TM-Status Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world. Ethereum
 ICO running TaaS TAAS Token as a Service Ethereum
 ICO running The Legends Room VIP Las Vegas Nightlife Using Blockchain Technology Ethereum
TransActive Grid TM-TAG Community energy market enabled by the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming TrueBit TM-TrueBit A scalable verification solution for blockchains Ethereum
 ICO running True Flip Lottery TFL Blockchain lottery Ethereum
 ICO over vSlice Ethereum based betting game Ethereum
 ICO coming Vega VEGA token Decentralized Effective Funding Ethereum
Vevue Project TM-VEVUE Crowdsourced videos from around the world Ethereum
WeiFund TM-WEI A non-profit, decentralized, open-source equity crowdfunding platform built on Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO over WeTrust TRST Savings & Insurance Platform Ethereum