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Status Name Symbol Description Blockchain
 ICO over 0x ZRX The protocol for decentralized exchange Ethereum
 ICO over 21 Million 21MCoin Crypto-funded blockchain indy tv series Ethereum
 ICO coming 300cubits TEU A Crypto Currency that Propels Ships Ethereum
 ICO over 8 Circuit Studios 8BT A game development ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token Ethereum
 ICO running Acebusters NTZ A decentralized poker platform on the Ethereum blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over ACT ACT DAO addressing social accountability by aggregating micro payments from citizens to fund grass roots proposals that drive change Ethereum
 ICO running AdEx ADX A Decentralized Ad Network Ethereum
 ICO running Aeron ARN Blockchain solutions for aviation safety Ethereum
 ICO over Ahoolee TM-AHT Search engine for online shopping Ethereum
 ICO over AICoin XAI Building wealth through AI and the power of the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming Aigang AIX Blockchain protocol for digital insurance Ethereum
 ICO coming Akasha Akasha Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage Ethereum
 ICO running Ambrosus AMB Trusted Quality of Food & Medicine Ethereum
 Trading Aragon ANT Create value without borders or intermediaries Ethereum
 ICO running ARNA Panacea TM-ARNA Blockchain biotech ecosystem Ethereum
 ICO running Atlant ATL World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform Ethereum
 Trading Augur REP Prediction market platform Ethereum
 ICO running Authoreon AUTH Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification in a decentralized network Ethereum
 ICO coming Autoria AUT Supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO running Avalon Membership Platform AVA A Membership Platform Ethereum
 ICO over Aventus AVT A global standard for a more fair, secure and transparent ticketing industry Ethereum
 ICO over Back to Earth SRC Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content Ethereum
 ICO running BANCOR Network BNT A hierachical monetary system Ethereum
 ICO coming Bankera BNK Regulated bank for the blockchain era Ethereum
 ICO over Basic Attention Token BAT Introducing blockchain-based advertising Ethereum
 ICO over Benjacoin BNC The merchandise ad network on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO running Berith BRT The Global Membership Marketing Platform Ethereum
 ICO over Beyond The Void NEXIUMS Real-time strategy video game Ethereum
 ICO over BitClave CAT Decentralized Search Ethereum
 ICO over BitDice CSNO Crowdfunded Crypto Casino Ethereum
 ICO running BitIndia BITINDIA A blockchain wallet & a crypto exchange for the streets of India Ethereum
 ICO running bitJob STU Decentralized Student Marketplace for Online Jobs Ethereum
 ICO over Bitquence BQX Invest in the future Ethereum
 ICO running Blackmoon Crypto BMC Platform for Tokenized Investment Fund Ethereum
 ICO over BlockCAT BCAT Create smart contracts with no programming required Ethereum
 ICO running Blockchain Capital BCAP Digital Liquid Venture Fund Ethereum
 ICO coming Blocklancer LNC Freelance on the Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Blocktix TIX An Ethereum event hosting platform designed for real world Ethereum
Boardroom TM-BOARDROOM Blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations Ethereum
 ICO coming Borg DAO BRG The Borg DAO will help to stimulate development on Ethereum Classic, by incentivizing developers to support the ETC blockchain for their DApps and to integrate their applications into the Borg DAO. Ethereum
 ICO coming Boulé BOU Voting technology based on the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Branche BLT Decentralized Consumer Micro­credit and Financial Services Ethereum
 ICO coming Bugu BGT A decentralized digital asset valuation platform Ethereum
 ICO running CarTaxi CTX World's operating car towing platform on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming Cash Poker Pro CASH Decentralized poker room Ethereum
 ICO coming CCCoin LLC CCC A Charitable Crypto-Currency Ethereum
 ICO running Centra Tech CTR Connecting the world to cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO over ChronoBank LH Time based currencies on multiple blockchains Ethereum
 ICO running Cindicator CND Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management Ethereum
 ICO over Civic CVC Identity verification via the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Cloud Token CLD Blockchain decentralized cloud Ethereum
 ICO running Cobinhood COB Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange Ethereum
 ICO coming CodeTract CTT Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value Ethereum
 ICO running CFI A distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future Ethereum
 ICO over CoinDash CDT The operating system for crypto assets Ethereum
 ICO over CoinJob XCJ A low-fee, distributed labor marketplace for computer-based work Ethereum
 ICO over COSS COSS Crypto-One-Stop-Solution Ethereum
 ICO coming Crowdholding YUP A Decentralized Open platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters Ethereum
 ICO over CryptoABS CABS Tokens backed by physical assets Ethereum
 ICO over BET Blockchain protocol for gambling Ethereum
 ICO coming Datum Network DAT The decentralized personal data bank account Ethereum
 ICO over Dcorp DRP Derivatives Exchange powered by Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO coming Decent.Bet DBET Decentralized Casino with Passive Income Model Ethereum
 ICO over Dent DENT Tokenizing mobile data industry Ethereum
 ICO coming Des DEST Decentralized Escrow Ethereum
 ICO over Digital Developers Fund DDF Invest in digital assets Ethereum
 Trading DigixDAO DGD DAO that sells gold with Ethereum based coins Ethereum
 ICO running DisLedger DCL Distributed ledger Ethereum
 ICO over district0x DNT A network of decentralized marketplaces and communities. Ethereum
 ICO coming NRN Blockchain-Enabled Natural Language Processing Platform For Quantified Biology Ethereum
 ICO running DomRaider DRT Decentralized Blockchain Auctions in Real-Time Ethereum
 ICO coming DOVU DOV Blockchain Powered Mobility Ethereum
 ICO over E4ROW E4ROW Ether for the rest of the world Ethereum
 ICO running easyMine EMT Cryptocoin mining made simple Ethereum
 ICO over Edgeless EDG Decentralized Casino Ethereum
Elephant ELCOIN Multifunctional economic platform for businesses Ethereum
 ICO over Enigma Catalyst ECAT Build your own crypto hedge fund Ethereum
 ICO coming Enjin Coin ENJ Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming Ethereum
 ICO coming ErosCoin ERO Multicryptocurrency Payment Gateway Ethereum
 Trading Ether ETH Open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications. Ethereum
Ether Design TM-ETHERDESIGN Decentralized design sourcing Ethereum
 ICO over LNK Linking ethereum with the world Ethereum
 ICO coming Etherex ETHEREX Fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Ethereum
Etherisc RSC A decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace Ethereum
 ICO coming EtherParty FUEL User-friendly smart contract compiler Ethereum
 ICO coming EtherSportz ESZ Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform and dividend token Ethereum
 ICO running EventChain EVC Decentralized ticketing platform to stop counterfeit ticketing and excessive ticketing fees Ethereum
 ICO over Everex EVX Decentralized app with peer to peer payments Ethereum
 ICO over Exchange Union XUC Bridge Digital Currency Exchanges Globally Ethereum
 Trading Expanse EXP Decentralized information, application, and contract platform Ethereum
 ICO over FirstBlood 1ST A token for participating eSports matches and betting Ethereum
 ICO coming Fluence FLU Decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data Ethereum
 ICO coming Foodcoin FDC Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses Ethereum
 ICO coming FundCoin FNDC Private equity token Ethereum
 ICO over FundRequest FND Platform for rewarding open source contributions Ethereum
 ICO coming Galactikka GALA Get paid for your hobby Ethereum
 ICO over Giga Watt WTT Full-service mining solution provider Ethereum
 ICO over Gilgam GGS Console agnostic eSports platform on Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO running Gimli GIM Decentralized live stream bets and interactions Ethereum
 ICO over Gnosis Gnosis Crowd-sources, ethereum based prediction market Ethereum
 ICO running Goldmint MNTP Blockchain platform with gold-backed crypto assets Ethereum
 ICO over Golem GNT Using personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers Ethereum
 ICO over Gx Coin GXC The Future of Venture Capital Ethereum
Hacker Gold HKG Virtual hackathon token Ethereum
 ICO over Harbour DAO HRB Community-governed,Ethereum-based DAO for managing and holding token assets by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd Ethereum
 ICO running Hash Rush RC Hash powered online game Ethereum
 ICO running Hedge Token HDG Platform for crypto instruments and crypto index Ethereum
 ICO running HelloGold HGT Gold Backed Tokens from Live + Revenue Generating Business Ethereum
 ICO coming Hero HERO The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia Ethereum
 ICO running HEROcoin PLAY Revolutionizing online betting Ethereum
 ICO coming HireMatch HIRE Decentralized blockchain-based employment marketplace Ethereum
 ICO running Honestis Network HNT Portable Identity Provider with Artificial Smart companion Ethereum
 ICO over Hong Coin Ħ Decentralized venture fund on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Hubii Network HBT A Blockchain-based Decentralised Content Marketplace Ethereum
 ICO over Humaniq HMQ Decentralized Banking Ethereum
 ICO coming Hut34 Project ENT Powering the global knowledge economy Ethereum
Iconomi ICN Investment fund management platform for the decentralised economy Ethereum
 ICO over ICOS ICOS Get ICOs at 75% discount Ethereum
 ICO over RLC Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing Ethereum
 ICO running IMMLA IML International MultiModal Logistic Application Ethereum
 ICO over InChain INC A decentralised insurance platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. Ethereum
 ICO over Indorse IND Decentralised Professional Networking Platform Ethereum
 ICO over InsureX IXT An Insurance Solution based on Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO running Integrative Wallet Token IWT Blockchain solutions in our application for the world. Ethereum
 ICO over Intelligent Trading Technologies ITT AI-enabled Crypto Trading Alerts Ethereum
 ICO over Intellisys MIT Securitized Blockchain Asset Ethereum
 ICO running Internxt INXT A decentralized internet Ethereum
 ICO over investFeed FEED Cryptocurrency social network for the world Ethereum
 ICO coming Jincor JCR Blockchain-powered enterprise communications Ethereum
 ICO coming Justmake JM Decentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem Ethereum
 ICO over Kencoin KCN Adult Industry Focused Cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO over Kibo KBT Decentralized lottery platform based on Ethereum smart-contracts Ethereum
 ICO coming KickCity KICK Connecting​​ People​​ Through Reward-Based​​ Communities ​​on Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over KICKICO KC Platform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding Ethereum
 ICO running Kin KIN A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life Ethereum
 ICO coming Kings Distributed Systems SPARC A Distributed Supercomputer Coin Ethereum
 ICO coming Kyber.Network KNC On-chain, instant and liquid platform for exchange and payment service Ethereum
 ICO coming LakeBanker BAC Free Banking for the World and Cryptocurrencies for Billions Ethereum
 ICO over Lampix PIX A decentralized machine learning image database on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Latium TM-LAT Decentralized Microtasking Platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Leap LEAP Powering eSports by blockchain & smart contracts Ethereum
 ICO running LookRev LOK A blockchain-based marketplace for creative products Ethereum
 ICO coming Lordmancer II LC Open-world MMORPG on mobile, mining cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO over Lunyr LUN Decentralized World Knowledge Base Ethereum
 ICO running Maecenas ART The decentralised Art Investment Platform Ethereum
 ICO over MASS Masternode and staking service Ethereum
 ICO over Matchpool GUP Making human connections Ethereum
 ICO running Matryx MTX A decentralized collaboration platform Ethereum
 ICO over MediBond MEDI Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience, through the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Melon MLN Blockchain software for asset management Ethereum
 ICO running Metal MTL Earn rewards every time you send or spend. Ethereum
 ICO coming Minerva OWL Smart Money on the Ethereum blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Modum MOD Data integrity for supply chain operations powered by blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Monaco MCO Best world's cryptocurrency card Ethereum
 ICO running Monetha MTH Mix of PayPal and Trustpilot on Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO running MyBit MyB Decentralized Asset Management w/ AI & Smart Financing Ethereum
 ICO running Mysterium Network MYST Decentralised VPN service built on blockchain Ethereum
 ICO running Nametoken NAT Decentralized domain eco-system Ethereum
 ICO coming Napoleon X NPX Smart Trading Bots Ethereum
 ICO over Nimfamoney NIMFA 100% decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform Ethereum
Numerai NMR A new kind of hedge fund Ethereum
 ICO running Omise GO OMG Unbank the Banked with Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO over openANX OAX Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges Ethereum
 ICO coming OpenMoney OPEN Bringing Mainstream Software to the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over OpenZen ZNT Desktop application as an alternative to browser Ethereum
 ICO over Opus OPT Music Decentralized Ethereum
 ICO over Orocrypt OROC Digitized Precious Metals On The Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over PAquarium PQT An aquarium issuing a profit sharing token Ethereum
 ICO running Paragon PRG Bringing blockchain technology to the world of cannabis Ethereum
 ICO over PassLfix PSLFX Smart contract ethereum based parcel delivery. Ethereum
 ICO over Patientory PTOY Blockchain-secured medical records Ethereum
 ICO coming Payfair PFR Decentralized escrow platform Ethereum
 ICO coming PayPie PPP Credit Risk Assessment Based on Blockchain Accounting Ethereum
 ICO over Pillar PLR Next generation, open-source wallet Ethereum
 ICO coming PKT Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform Playkey Ethereum
 ICO running Populous PPT Invoice finance and factoring in blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over Power Ledger POWR Democratization of Power Ethereum
 ICO running Presearch PST Decentralized search engine Ethereum
 ICO coming Prewabi PWB Connects physical and digital Ethereum
 ICO running Primalbase PBT Distributed workspace for tech community Ethereum
 ICO over Propy PRO Global property Store with Decentralized Title Registry Ethereum
 ICO over Prospectors PGL Massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy Ethereum
 ICO coming Publica PBL Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy Ethereum
 ICO coming Pylon Network PYLNT Decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy Ethereum
 ICO coming Qvolta QVT Global P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform support Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO running REAL REAL Invest in real estate with cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO running Reality Clash RCC Augmented reality combat game Ethereum
 ICO running REcoin REC Cryptocurrency backed by real estate Ethereum
 ICO coming Redemption Technologies BUZZ Anonymous Open Source Marketing Platform Ethereum
 ICO coming ReiDAO REI Digitalizing real estate ownerships Ethereum
 ICO coming Rex REX Real Estate Revolution Ethereum
 ICO coming Robot Vera VERA AI robot-recruiter Ethereum
 ICO coming Rocket ICO ROCK Decentralized accelerator for startups Ethereum
 ICO coming RootProject ROOTS Tax-subsidized cryptocurrency Ethereum
 ICO over Royal Kingdom Coin RKC The token of Royal Kingdom Enterprise Ethereum
 ICO over Santiment SAN Cryptomarkets intelligence platform Ethereum
 ICO coming SENSE SENSE The Protocol for Human Intelligence and Value for Human Capital Ethereum
 Trading Shift SHIFT A network for decentralized applications Ethereum
 ICO running Sikoba TM-SIKOBA A P2P IOU/credit platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Simply Vital Health HLTH Powering True Care Ethereum
 Trading SingularDTV SNGLS Blockchain film and television studio & distribution portal Ethereum
 ICO over Smart Investment Fund Token SIFT Blockchain trading fund Ethereum
 ICO over Snapup SNP Disrupt the way you buy premium products Ethereum
 ICO coming Snip TM-SNP The Future of News on the Blockchain Ethereum
 ICO coming Snovio SNOV Lead Generation Service Ethereum
 ICO running Soferox SFX Streamlining the cryptocurrency world Ethereum
 ICO over Solar DAO SDAO Investing in PV solar plants Ethereum
 ICO coming Soma SCT Decentralized social marketplace Ethereum
 ICO over SONM Network SPT Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining (GRIB technology) Ethereum
 ICO running Stable STB Stablizing digital tokens universe Ethereum
 ICO running Starbase STAR Blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform Ethereum
 ICO over Status TM-STATUS Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world. Ethereum
 ICO coming STeX STE Exchange Aggregator Ethereum
 Trading Storj SJCX Decentralized cloud storage platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Storm STORM A gamified micro-task platform Ethereum
 ICO over Stox STX Prediction Market Ethereum
 ICO coming Streamr DATA Unstoppable data for unstoppable applications Ethereum
 ICO running StuffGoGo SGG Peer-to-peer Mobile Marketplace Ethereum
 ICO running Substratum SUB The Foundation for a Decentralized Web Ethereum
 ICO over TaaS TAAS Token as a Service Ethereum
 ICO over TenX TM-TENX Connected blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over The Legends Room VIP Las Vegas Nightlife Using Blockchain Technology Ethereum
 ICO running The Opakeco Foundation KRM Transparency and Accountability for Humanitarian Causes Ethereum
 ICO over TokenCard TKN A platform for the post-bank era Ethereum
 ICO running TokenStars ACE Tokenizing celebrities for funding and promoting rising stars Ethereum
TransActive Grid TM-TAG Community energy market enabled by the blockchain Ethereum
 ICO over TribeToken TRIBE A Decentralized Charity Platform Ethereum
 ICO coming TrueBit TM-TrueBit A scalable verification solution for blockchains Ethereum
 Trading Ubiq UBQ Smart Contracts For An Automated World Ethereum
 ICO over Umbrella Coin UMC Insurance platform on Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO running Unikrn UNIKOINGOLD Cryptocurrency Coin Model Ethereum
 ICO coming Utrust UTK The future of online payments Ethereum
 ICO over vSlice Ethereum based betting game Ethereum
 ICO coming Vega VEGA token Decentralized Effective Funding Ethereum
 ICO over Veredictum VENT Decentralised anti-piracy and content distribution platform Ethereum
 ICO coming Verif-y VFY Powerful Identity based on blockchain Ethereum
Vevue Project TM-VEVUE Crowdsourced videos from around the world Ethereum
 ICO over Wagerr WGR A betting blockchain Ethereum
WeiFund TM-WEI A non-profit, decentralized, open-source equity crowdfunding platform built on Ethereum Ethereum
 ICO coming WePower Network WPR Green energy exchange platform Ethereum
 ICO over WeTrust TRST Savings & Insurance Platform Ethereum
 ICO running Winding Tree LIF Decentralizing the Oligopolistic Travel Industry Ethereum
 ICO running Wolk WOLK Decentralized Data Exchange Ethereum
 ICO running Xaurum Gamma XGM Crypto smart-street construction Ethereum
 ICO running Zonto World ZONTO The single app for interacting with the world Ethereum