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Symbol 1WO
Crowdsale opening date

5. Oct 2017

15 days ago

Crowdsale closing date

6. Nov 2017

in 16 days


1World Online offers a pre-built interactive media unit (IMU) for publishers who wish to monetize and engage their audience. Static and video advertisements bother users, and are not engaging at all. Their solution includes polls, quizzes, trivia, and many more options that can be customized and tailored to each piece of content. Each IMU can stand alone or be paired with a traditional advertisement. Users will be rewarded for engagement with 1WO, which provides incentive to engage and an opportunity to earn. This offers a win-win-win scenario for advertisers, publishers, and users.

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Alex Fedosseev - CEO

Brad Kayton - Board Member / US East Coast operations

Valentina Volotskaya - R&D Executive Director

Nikhil Shah - India Representative

Dmitry Volotskoy - Architect and ENG Lead

Matt Ganeles - Project Manager Blockchain Ecosystem

Klaudia Kostarelas - Customer Success Manager

Country of origin USA


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