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12. Jun 2017

3 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

28. Jun 2017

3 months ago


The 21Million Project is the first full Indy Media Production Company that sits on the Ethereum public Blockchain. This is an open, transparent media finance platform where the first project is a TV series called 21Million – a thriller/mystery set in the world of the Bitcoin revolution. Ether is used as the primary cryptocurrency from which 21MCoins are purchased. USD is the primary fiat currency.



Nick Ayton - CTO

Raiomond Mirza - COO

David Lofts - Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Taylor - Community Director

Country of origin United Kingdom


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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Unreliable news from China opens the door to buy Bitcoin... It may never be this cheap again... https://cointelegraph.com/news/great-time-to-buy-bitcoin-as-unreliable-sources-from-china-spook-markets- 10 days ago

Update: "OK boppers" aka Cyrus...addressing the gangland audience... David has been flat out working with the Director, Producer and on the Script for the 21Million Mini Series and pushed on during the summer holidays here in the UK. David has also been working with several investors who are contributing to the story line, the script and in other ways... Don't forget you can apply to be an extra and get involved. Shooting starts alongside casting for the main parts as we enter the world of Ben Neavis who was in the right place at the wrong time. That would change his world and triggers a chain reaction of events that would set the people's Bitcoin and Government in a bitter exchange as the global Banking system teeters on the brink of collapse... Location: The team will start filming in Washington DC and then quickly move to London, where the story unfolds. Berlin sees some of the main characters and we head to Moscow where the political episode finished and episode 2 of season 1 kicks off. 21M Coin: The 21M token has been on cryptopia for several weeks now and has settled down to a regular Buy Sell pattern where volumes are relatively small. As we release the Trailer and the announce the cast and crew we will see more activity as Fans and Investors make a decision on their investment as a Buy, Hold or Sell. As of writing this note supply of 21MCoin is less than 1million in circulation with a small fraction of these held in trading accounts on Cryptopia. As we release content in Q4 2017 you will see the price move again as investors make decisions. David and I will be communicating with you more frequently and we have been planning a 'video diary' where you can start to see the production of 21Million Mini Series reveal itself. Once again thanks for investing and joining our journey to make sure the real story of the Bitcoin Revolution is told and not 'white washed' by Hollywood taking directions form government that don't want crypto currencies especially Bitcoin to succeed. Remember. "Ignorance os Strengthened"... 19 days ago

An orange jump suit awaits with your name on it if you cut corners on your #ICO One meal a day for life... So who do you believe when planning an ICO, who do you ask for help to run your ICO, who has the assets and the right approach, who will ensure you stay out of prison, and not just take the money... https://cointelegraph.com/news/why-choosing-wrong-ico-platform-could-lead-to-knock-on-your-door-at-3-am a month ago

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