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2KEY 2key

Revolutionizing Online Sharing By Fusing Smart-Contracts

Completely decentralized and democratic, 2key’s Global Referral Network (GRN)​ is an innovative P2P​ platform enabling anyone to seamlessly mobilize the human web to produce results of value. SMB’s, freelancers and other independent contractors can easily define a goal such as exposure, leads or sales and directly incentivise the human network to achieve this goal. The process is simple and direct, requiring no intermediaries, fine-print requirements or code implementation. The GRN is auto governed by smart contracts, yet fully facilitated by the sharing of links anywhere online. It utilises 2key’s unique Multi-Step tracking protocol and Game Theory AI to chart entire chains of referrals and optimatlly reward each person on the chain upon downstream conversion events. For referrers, 2key empowers anyone to earn money and reputation for making successful referrals anywhere online. For contractors, 2key empowers individuals and organisations to incentive the human web to find target audiences. 2key is reinventing the web link to become aware of its full chain of referrals and the economic value ultimately generated from conversions led to by the link. They serve to infuse an economic model into the HTTP links of today, incentivising result-driven human to human online sharing.



Erez Ben-Kiki - Founder & CEO

EiTan LaVi - Co-Founder & CTO & CIO

Udi Ben-Reuven - Chief Scientist

Dr. Yoram Kornatzky - Senior Algorithms/Blockchain Developer

Shlomi Zfira - Senior Full Stacker

Andrii Pindiura - Senior Front End Dev.

Ivan Kostuchenko - Backend/Blockchain Dev.

Roman Shevchenko - Front End Developer

Lior Ben-Kiki - Qa Automation Consultant

Amit Kashtan - Marketing Director

Hadas Miron - Graphic Designer

Netta Richter - Director of Content

Shai Mohaban - Token Sale Strategist

Nadav Mizrahi - Graphic Designer

Priel Hackim - Art Director

Noam Sharir Rotholz - Community/Operations Director

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