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8 Circuit Studios
8 Circuit Studios

8BT 8 Circuit Studios

A game development ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token

1. Oct 2018 - 31. Oct 2018

Blockchains have demonstrated the incredible power of systems that are voluntary, decentralized, and trustworthy. We believe there is an unexploited opportunity to harness these forces to revolutionize:

• How players claim ownership of their own digital property

• How creators collaborate and profit from the content they produce

• How gamers and devlopers connect and create

8 Circuit Studios is creating an ecosystem that unlocks these new possibilities and symbiotic relationships. Simply put: 8 Circuit Studios intends to level up game development and turn legacy publishing models inside out.



James Mayo - President

Kabriel Robichaux - CTO and Development Architect

Mike Jones - Business Development

Mark Nicolino - Art Director

Filipe Tessaro - Systems Designer/C++ Programmer

Terry Hammer - Producer

Shingai Thornton - Evangelist Advisor

Evan Jensen - Legal Counsel

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