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17. Jul 2017

2 months ago

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18. Aug 2017

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Blockchains have demonstrated the incredible power of systems that are voluntary, decentralized, and trustworthy. We believe there is an unexploited opportunity to harness these forces to revolutionize: • How players claim ownership of their own digital property • How creators collaborate and profit from the content they produce • How gamers and devlopers connect and create 8 Circuit Studios is creating an ecosystem that unlocks these new possibilities and symbiotic relationships. Simply put: 8 Circuit Studios intends to level up game development and turn legacy publishing models inside out.



James Mayo - President

Kabriel Robichaux - CTO and Development Architect

Mike Jones - Business Development

Mark Nicolino - Art Director

Filipe Tessaro - Systems Designer/C++ Programmer

Terry Hammer - Producer

Shingai Thornton - Evangelist Advisor

Evan Jensen - Legal Counsel

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Do you have 8Bit Tokens? Join us in our discord channel: https://t.co/zy7fxVTX9p to participate in D-PARC's Alpha release! · 22 days ago

Token sale ends today! (Ending Block: 4182500) Buy now and get 5x tokens. Be a part of history! https://t.co/RbF6oEvJT4 · a month ago

Get ready for a chance to play a highly anticipated game from our colleagues working on Beyond the Void! https://t.co/0yqSRmvT3P · 1 months ago

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Android technology is moving fast. As in our game D-PARC, the idea of a humanoid robot carrying out tasks may be right around the corner. Do you think? https://youtu.be/57Maw9Sn89w 3 days ago

Let's talk about Smart Game Objects! What are they? Well, they're coming to our game D-PARC so thought we'd give you info on them, and discuss why they're a game changing (pun intended) new system. Check out Mike's awesome article below! 11 days ago

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