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8th Continent
8th Continent

ECB 8th Continent

China Next-Generation Digital Economy

18. May 2018 - 28. Jul 2018

8th Continent built a new Social Marketplace the first fully Digital Economy: digital companies owned by the users produce digital goods, trade these goods, stocks and other assets in digital currency. It is indeed a unique platform for Self Managed Digital Assets based on transparency, fair play, free market, mutual benefits, equal opportunities, as well as the deterministic mechanism of Smart Contracts embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain. 8th Continent is not a conceptual initiative, like many projects that propose an ICO. It is an already working system, based on a very powerful Engine (including AI, Robots, Virtual Servers, Admin etc), tested and improved during a successful pilot in the past years. Therefore it does not claim to build something it might not build after the ICO! 8th Continent in the contrary is ready to roll out, and will open gates for its users on August 8th 2018 in China.



Gregory Harmati PhD - Founder & CEO

Laszlo Kaszonyi - Programmer Lead & Full Stack Programmer

Tamas Imre - Full Stack Programmer & Market Front End Expert

Balazs Bodis - Full Stack Programmer

Ferenc Erb - Programmer & Blockchain Expert

Kristof Koczka - Red Dot Award Winner Designer

Peter Boros - Chinese Advisor/Blockchain Advocate

Ben WU - Content Designer/Blockchain Enthusiast

Thomas Blummer - Mentor/Software Engineer/Blockchain Expert

Nicholas Jeffery - Mentor/Finance/Market Expansion Expert/Blockchain Advocate

Heissam Hartmann - Mentor/Businessman/Blockchain Enthusiast

Country of origin United Kingdom


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