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ARR Arround

Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

15. Sep 2018 - 16. Nov 2018

Augmented reality is about to radically enhance how we experience our lives. ARROUND is leading the race into this brave new world by developing a consumer app for the mass market, a dedicated portal for advertisers and an SDK and API for developers. Advertisers get a fresh new way to engage their audience, users have a captivating digital environment to explore, and AR developers gain access to a huge market for their software and hardware. ARROUND is a complete ecosystem that unites consumers, advertisers and AR developers on a single platform.



Neil Bryant - CEO

Arkady Yasashny - CFO

Dmitry Orekhov - CMO

Artem Haritonov - CTO

Alexandr Sokolov - CSA

Eugene Dobrovolsky - CNDO

Andrey Molchanov - CSPO

Kate Bublik - Digital marketing expert

Fedor Gladovsky - Sr. Web Developer

Country of origin Belize


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)