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Smart Contracts Powered Pension Funds

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Symbol AUC
Token sale opening date

14. Nov 2017

4 days ago

Token sale closing date

28. Nov 2017

in 9 days


The Auctus Project was created with the mission of improving the pension market by increasing transparency and eliminating common problems such as corporate governance issues, corruption, fraud, bribery, and bureaucracy, as well as lowering operational costs. Auctus is currently building a pension platform which will enable pension funds around the world to dramatically improve their operations and significantly cut operational costs. Through smart contract auditable code, the platform will ensure full transparency and compliance to fund rules and will furthermore allow calculations for contributions, employer match, benefits as well as other features, such as selection of investment profiles, registration of beneficiary designations (in case of death), administration fee calculations and portability between funds.



Felipe Silveira - Lead Developer

Raphael Vantroost - Advisory & Partnerships

Guilherme Gusman - Front-end Engineer

Vinicius Melo - Strategy

Ariny Guedes - Lead Ethereum Engineer

Daniel Duarte - Senior Software Engineer

Thiago Araújo - Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Vitorino - Senior Software Engineer

Samir Taiar - Brand & Interaction Design

Ludmila Lopes - Marketing & Community Manager

Yule Andrade - Communications

Daniel Boaventura - Operations

Country of origin Brazil


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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