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Next generation solutions based on AI, Bot and Blockchain Technology

15. Jun 2018 - 14. Oct 2018

Beankth is a blockchain based platform, utilizing the power of smart contract and artificial intelligence algorithms to re-create and store person’s digital analogue by Identifying unique thinking patterns, emotional response templates in order to model future behavior of the analogue that will keep functioning after physical death of the person.



Christian Mars - Co-Founder & Managing Director

Volkan Yilmaz - Co-Founder & Managing Director & CTA

Savas Guven - Guru Fullstack Developer

Wilfried Pfilf - Freestyle Mobile Developer

Martin Weibel - New Generation Web Developer

Zdenko Chabada - Lightning UX/UI Designer

Dr. Ben Goertzel - CEO SingularityNET/Father of Artificial General Intelligence

Ina-Alice Kopp - Founder/CEO of LA-based ICO Advisory/International Fundraising Service/Placement Agency advisory

Max Ng - Strategic Advisor

Country of origin Germany


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)