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Disrupting the Health and Sports Industry

23. Jan 2018 - 15. Jul 2018

Instead of letting computers mine new tokens, BEATs are earned by tracking sportive activities within the ecosystem. The algorithm to determine the exchange rate of the trading, pair sports / BEAT will be shared among a wide range of partners. A dream come true - connecting all decentralized partner ecosystems through a shared currency and common standards. BEATs can be earned by doing monitored and measurable activities, like doing weightlifting on a digital machine, running with your sensors enabled, or earn BEATs by doing exercises in the supported systems of our partners. With a digital wallet built into the NoExcuse app, you can track all your sports activities, interact with your sports community and manage your BEATs with your phone, all fully integrated into the global sports ecosystem. Earned and traded by millions of people doing sports, BEATs will have a monetary value from the very beginning of the issuance. You can use BEATs to pay for goods and services in an ever growing and exciting ecosystem. Or you just hold on to your BEATs and watch the value increase in line with the expansion of the usage and number of participants.

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Kjeld Peters - CEO

Daniel Wischer - Chief Product Officer

Jens Kappe - Chief Visionary Officer

Jonas Bading - Chief Sales Officer

Sven Eismann - CMO

Thomas Bartz - CFO

Carsten Buchberger: Chief Human Resources Officer

Country of origin Germany


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