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RIX Beatrix

Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications

18. Oct 2018 - 18. Nov 2018

BEATRĪX is a green, affordable and sustainable energy project aiming to resolve the energy and telecommunication crisis and shortage across Africa. The proposed solution is to build decentralized energy towers using buoyancy technology that efficiently produces green electricity. The Energy tower is a patented Revolutionary technology that is going to be more efficient than Wind or Solar systems. The towers are distributed all over the continent through our Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) eco-system. Our eco-system is powered by cooperation of German and Swiss companies. The generated energy is stored in the RIX token which is a fully ERC-20 compliant Ethereum utility token. RIX will be the first and the only energy based token that is purely green and self generated, making it independent of third party providers. The RīX has an initial charge of 5kWh and will be the only form of payment or consumption method, for the generated energy by the DETDs.

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Haitham Sabra - Founding Partner & CEO

Andreas Buxbaum - Founding Partner & COO

Baskurt Okaygun - Founding Partner/Advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Geimer - Development Et

Ilker Gök - CIO

Volker Stauch - Business Development

Rob Sukar - Head of S&O

Leandra Bertino - CMO

Mario Zelic - Strategy

Peter A. Iten - Bm Chairman

Sigmund Rheindt - Legal

Barbera Bertino - Costumer Relations

Zaki Akbayir - Energy Expert/Inventor

Athar Ahmed - Social media specialist

Jessay Balla - Telecommunications Prof.

Hassan Durrani - ICO/Blockchain Analyst

Gurcharan Gill - Smart Meter Specialist

Scharon Dammel - Media Strategist

Hamid Tahvildari - Marketing Africa

Dany Azakir - Head of Development

Guiseppe Tosca - Crypto

Haseeb Malik - Sales/Operations

Kiriakos Angelidis - Sales/Operations

Sary Azakir - IR

Amit Gill - It Specialist

Erkan Cilik - Sales

Noman Sohail - Art Director

Andreas Cortina - Social media

Muhammad Sameer - Senior Software Engineer

Faisel Durrani - Sales Operations

Arsalan Khan - Blockchain/Smart

Country of origin Switzerland


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