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Bigbom Eco
Bigbom Eco

BBO Bigbom Eco

Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

28. May 2018 - 10. Jun 2018

Bigbom is implemented using DApps technology and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 protocol. It is envisioned to solve several problems within the world of online advertising by providing a smart-contract solution for multi-advertising models such as CPC, CPM, and CPA. This smart-contract enables all parties involved to perform their actions efficiently and securely. With cross-chain transfer between Ethereum and Tomochain, Bigbom will have a near-zero transaction fee, faster confirmation time and a much higher transaction capacity. Therefore, Bigbom Eco’s customers can save time and reduce cost when making transactions.



Vung Nguyen - CEO & Co-Founder

Tuan Co - CTO & Co-Founder

Anh Huynh - CMO & Co-Founder

Hung Nguyen - Lead Engineer

Cau Trang - Lead UI/UX Engineer

Khanh Nguyen - Backend Developer

Thinh Au - Front-End Developer

Thanh Nguyen - QC Engineer

An Nguyen - Marketing Executive

Country of origin Singapore


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)