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Decentralized shipping platform

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Symbol BTNT
Token sale opening date

1. May 2018

1 months ago

Token sale closing date

30. Jun 2018

in 11 days


BitNautic is a decentralized shipping and cargo platform based on blockchain technology. Aiming to provide a better fortune and golden opportunities to consumers, traders, brokers, agents, ship owners and the overall industry, BitNautic acts as a marketplace for goods and commodities where importers, exporters, end-consumer and producers are available to trade their products and ease their trading practices all over the globe.



Gianfranco Pierini - CEO

Richard Zoni - CTO

Anmol Bajwa - Co-founder

Ashton Addison - Chief Marketing Strategist

Garry Singh - Chief Information Officer

Francesco Oliverio - Project Manager

Muhammad Salman Anjum - Chief Relationship Officer

Nicolai Zaccariello - Community Manager

Edward Melikyan - Marketing Strategist

Cristian Slivca - Community manager, Czech Republic

Suzat Fernandes - Business Development Manager

Nasir Mehmood - Software Architect

Beata Sudar - Investor Relations

Hamza Yasin - Blockchain Developer

Farzan Masood - Blockchain Research Analyst

Arslan Imran - Web Developer

Akshay Patil - Bounty Manager

Navin Chettri - Social Media Manager

Country of origin Switzerland


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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