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HIVE Blockhive

Digitalized Loan Agreement on Blockchain that is Legally Binding Using Future Loan Access Token (FLAT)

14. May 2018 - 30. Jun 2018

Blockhive is an Estonia-based company with roots in Japan. It uses blockchain to create practical and innovative solutions for companies, helping them unlock new markets. Its four core businesses include a smart wallet called eesty which users can store, send and receive cryptocurrencies. Loyalty points accumulated from using eesty can be exchanged for the hash power of our mining facilities in Estonia. The company has also created a new fundraising structure called Initial Loan Procurement (ILP) under Tokenote, a joint venture between blockhive and its partner Agrello. It is an unique fundraising method using blockchain and legally binding smart loan agreement. It enables traditional companies, organizations, and even municipal government to raise capitals needed to grow or build infrastructure.



Kazuteru Arimura - Co-Founder, Finance and Management Lead

Kathleen Chu - Digital Content, PR and Marketing Lead

Yinghan Huang - Lead Designer

Hikaru Kusaka - Co-Founder, Business Design and Strategy Lead

Sulong Ly - UI/UX Designer

Vitaly Migunov - Software Engineer, Decentralized Application Specialist

So Nagasawa - Co-Founder, Technology Lead of Asia Pacific

Ragnar Reindoff - Business Integration Specialist

Country of origin Estonia


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