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BBXC Bluebelt

Regulated Exchange Network for Utility and Security Tokens

14. Dec 2018 - 15. Jan 2019

Many cryptocurrency evangelists are confident that regulators will not be able to put many utility tokens on legal lockdown or at least tax them as securities. But what if the regulators succeed?

When that happens, coin/token issuers will need an exchange that hosts both utility and security tokens and legally operates in as many jurisdictions as possible.

Bluebelt aims to be the premiere globally regulated crypto exchange that legally lists both utility AND security tokens and offers:

  • Regulated and legally-compliant business operations with tangible presence in every established location.
  • Robust business structure that is resilient against geopolitical instability.
  • Access to a balanced global liquidity pool from a local jurisdiction.
  • Access to tokenized assets trading at its earliest stages.
  • Local clearing and settlement on each node (business operation) of our exchange network, enabling <24-hour processing.
  • Warm and cold storage for individual accounts.



Jack Tran/President - COO, & Compliance Officer

Ayako Hamai - Chief Strategy Officer & Director

Satoshi Kitahama - Chief Finance Officer

Dai Nguyen - Chief Technology Officer

Miley Lien - Chief Marketing Officer

Norihito Nakanishi - Chief Trading Officer

Chloe Tran - Chief Customer Service Officer

Isamu Nakamura - Chief Administration Officer

Linh Tran - Chief Listing Officer

Ryohei Arai - Country Manager - Japan

Country of origin Japan


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