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BTIE Bountie

Gaming platform for Asian gamers to make a living

27. Oct 2018 - 7. Nov 2018

Bountie wants to create a gaming ecosystem that revolves around the Gamers, Merchants and Bountie. The merchants are parties like Computer Hardware companies such as Razer, MSi, Dell's Alienware and also game developers like Bluehole Studio Inc (for PlayerUnknown's Battledgrounds) & Valve Corporation (For Counterstrike). These merchants sell their products via Bountie to Gamers. Bountie also creates sweepstakes and tournaments that allow Gamers to win products. Bountie will also work closely with Merchants to gather feedback on products, create in-house content around them and help them to publicise to their targeted group of Gamers. Thus, creating an Ecosystem where everybody needs everybody and a strong network effect that strengthens as we scale.

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Lex Na - CEO

Darren Lee - CTO

Jose He - Chief People Officer

Desmond Tan - Business Development

Daniel Rajesh - CMO

Jonathan Toyad - Head of Content

Athirah Syamimi - Content Producer

Vladimir Nikitin - ICO & Law Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev - Blockchain Advisor

Marc Bell - Gaming Advisor

Remek Lipinski - Chief Technology Officer

Dao Binh - Full-stack Developer

Jordan Seet - Full-stack Developer

Country of origin Singapore


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