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Brain Space
Brain Space

IMP Brain Space

International platform for talent promotion, IP protection

1. Oct 2018 - 10. Mar 2019

The creation of an infrastructure that will become a strong foundation for the intellectual property market in the world, as well as reduce the process of identifying and developing the potential of authors to the level of access to the international arena at times”: the Brain Space team works to solve this task, because without the accessible, convenient and understandable procedures for registration and recording of the results of intellectual activity, and without the necessary and understandable tool it is difficult to imagine the achievement of the goal indicated in the strategies of a multitude of institutions scientifically technological development of the cultural sphere.



Shcherbakov Evgeniy - CEO & CMO

Storozhilov Anton - CEO & CFO

Vorobyev Vladimir - CEO & CVO

Yurchenko Kirill - CEO & CTO

Sokolkina Olga - CAO

Adam Ibrahim - Backend Senior Developer

Shirokov Igor - Frontend Middle Developer

Rak Maxim - Frontend Middle Developer

Smetanin Igor - Frontend Junior Developer

Sotikov Valery - Backend Junior Developer

Shikhalev Ivan - Software Senior Developer

Vorotilkin Dmitry - Software Middle Developer

Gareev Timur - DevOps Engineer

Dyugaev Maxim - WEB-Designer, 3D creative designer

Tokmantseva Darya - WEB-Designer, Illustrator

Dimitriev Denis - PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)

Italiev Oleg - SMM, Administrator, PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)

Kudryavtseva Alena - Office Manager, PR Manager (Bounty, ICO)

Neklyudova Anna - Designer, illustrator

Country of origin Russia


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)