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Decentralized Commodity Exchange Platform, currently powering the Cannabis industry

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Symbol CHX
Token sale opening date

21. Jul 2017

5 months ago

Token sale closing date

29. Oct 2017

2 months ago


The CHEX Token innovation will directly impact the optimization of established and unestablished commodity and asset exchange frameworks. The superstructure that CHEX in­tends to create is a unification of isolated industry sectors on a common, blockchain-secured platform. The CHEX Token utility serves to establish (1) a transaction medium for exchange between parties and (2) a distributed, immutable ledger record of verifiable asset holdings and physical asset tracking. CHEX Tokens will also be rewarded to power users that supply useful market activity and platform content to subsidize transactions and boost a commodity sector’s ecosystem.

Articles and research

Blockchain Startups Are Hoping to Fix the Cannabis Industry’s Banking Problem - Motherboard


The Green Rush: Finding Tech Business Opportunities Within The Cannabis Sector | TechCrunch




Eugene Lopin - CEO & Product Manager

Danny Floyd - Chief Experience officer

Jacob Floyd - Chief Technology Officer

Country of origin USA


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The 1st CHEX #Token #WhitePaper translation is ready in #Vietnamese! Thank you amazing #cryptocurrency community · 2 months ago

World-class #marketplace Technology. Launched #Cannabis #Hemp #Exchange (CHEX). Universal #Token across Industries. Developer #API incentive · 2 months ago

AMA about The CHEX Token Sale - Powering beta launched Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) · 2 months ago

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The CHEX Token (CHX) sale is frozen, pending finalization of a token merger with a strategic partner to be announced, at which time we will officially end our crowdsale and instruct CHX holders on conversion to the new exchange-listed token. Thank you everyone for your support of this successful campaign, which led to a key partnership for the ultimate benefit of the industries we'll serve. Please stay tuned. a month ago

Dear friends - here's the latest update on the CHEX Token project, shared in our public Telegram group which we invite you all to join A lot has evolved since we launched the ICO in August. Based on our progress, it looks promising that what is now a multi-company effort has growing potential to have a positive impact on the world as summarized below, and there is still time to join. Thank you for your attention! -- CHEX Token project update ✅ World-class Marketplace Technology & User Experience (UX) developed for industry agnostic use. Launched successfully in the legal Cannabis market first. Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) powers private distribution platforms for Marijuana clients including Producers, Distributors, Manufacturers and Retailers in U.S. States (5 secured and growing). On the Hemp side we are launching a public Hemp Exchange via JV partnership with a yet to be announced Colorado-based company to power version 2.0 of their platform that has existing traction as a pioneer exchange facilitating global commodity transactions. We are in the latter stages of securing Seed funding in 2017 for which we are positioned to scale efficiently after 3 years of laying out the groundwork since CHEX inception in 2014. This offer comes from another cross-industry marketplace token platform that is listed on a major exchange, and also targets the Cannabis market first. In the works, as part of this deal, is a token merger between our complementary platforms (we are B2B, they are B2C) to introduce to the blockchain industry the benefits of a Universal Token strategy. The 3rd partner platform to adopt our token in 2018 is a highly comprehensive ERP/Inventory Management solution with existing clients and software integrations in the Cannabis supply chain. Together, our synergistic platform offering to the Cannabis industry, followed by other markets, is complete. ** Stay tuned for PR announcements about partnerships, company names and merged token listing on a major crypto exchange ** The aim of our cooperative token model is to inspire cross-industry blockchain networks to adopt 1 Universal Token. This increases token value, stability and brand power for all through user adoption. We will introduce Developer API incentives to earn tokens for building platforms that adopt the universal token. We are as well ourselves developing new marketplace platforms to adopt the universal token. The first is for the blockchain industry, beta launched on Web. Once we complete native iOS & Android versions it will be the 1st cross-platform ICO listings app, followed by other developments needed for the blockchain industry (suggestions welcome!). The next marketplace platform we'll develop to adopt the token will be for the Business Leads industry (commercial real estate finance, business loans, merchant processing, and ultimately all needed). There are a host of industry ambassadors approaching us to develop platforms for them due to our proven ability to create high-end User Experiences (UX) and manage an innovative Blockchain strategy. We invite you to jump in and ride this upward wave with us! ** This is not a short term game. It's a long term collective effort to improve the world by powering marketplace mechanisms for the efficient (and ultimately, even) distribution of resources on this planet ** By aligning with sincere leadership across token partner companies that can steer this in a focused direction, we hope to set an example for effective utility token models, and secure critical mass adoption over time. Perhaps when a sufficient foundation is established, we'll open source it. The CHEX Token Sale Discount ends at Ethereum block #4555817 estimated to be around November 17! Token price gradually increases until then, and afterward will remain fixed at 21,000 tokens per 1 ETH until the token sale ends, when crowdsale supply is sold OR we choose to end it (likely upon execution of the token merger). ✅ Token Sale: ✅ Telegram: ✅ Bitcointalk: ✅ Bounty Program: Good News! You can earn 10-50%+ Token commission just by referring our Token Sale. See Token Buyer Referral in our Bounty Program to create your referral link to our token sale website. a month ago

The first CHEX Token White Paper translation is ready in Vietnamese! Thank you to the amazing cryptocurrency community for the support. More translations coming! 2 months ago

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