Decentralized Commodity Exchange Platform, currently powering the Cannabis industry

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Symbol CHX
Crowdsale opening date

21. Jul 2017

3 months ago

Crowdsale closing date

29. Oct 2017

in 8 days


The CHEX Token innovation will directly impact the optimization of established and unestablished commodity and asset exchange frameworks. The superstructure that CHEX in­tends to create is a unification of isolated industry sectors on a common, blockchain-secured platform. The CHEX Token utility serves to establish (1) a transaction medium for exchange between parties and (2) a distributed, immutable ledger record of verifiable asset holdings and physical asset tracking. CHEX Tokens will also be rewarded to power users that supply useful market activity and platform content to subsidize transactions and boost a commodity sector’s ecosystem.

Articles and research

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The Green Rush: Finding Tech Business Opportunities Within The Cannabis Sector | TechCrunch




Eugene Lopin - CEO & Product Manager

Danny Floyd - Chief Experience officer

Jacob Floyd - Chief Technology Officer

Country of origin USA


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