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Cloud Token

Blockchain decentralized cloud

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Symbol CLD
Token sale opening date

25. Aug 2017

4 months ago

Token sale closing date

25. Aug 2017

4 months ago


The Cloud token aims to replace regular means of payment as the sole currency for cloud services. It is a part of a comprehensive financial system striving to turn cloud services into a commodity product universally accessible by the general public and available via peer-to-peer decentralized offering.

Articles and research

"Cloud with Me" Announces Cloud Token ICO, as It Works on Decentralized Cloud Solutions - NEWSBTC

by Launches ICO to Bring the Next Generation of Cloud to 'The Rest of Us'




Gilad - Founder & CEO

Asaf Zamir - Founder & CTO

Andrina Coll - Business Development Executive

Emma Mulligan - Designer

Rukmani Mohindra - Digital Marketing Intern

Country of origin Ireland


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