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Contract Vault

Next generation agreements for everyone on the Ethereum blockchain

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Symbol VLT
Token sale opening date

1. May 2018

21 days ago

Token sale closing date

15. Jun 2018

in 24 days


Contract Vault is a Blockchain-powered platform on which anyone can develop, use, resell, customise and repurpose legally sound contracts. We are working with world-class legal partners to make creating contracts something that anyone can do, and as simple as drag-and-drop. That includes next generation Ricardian Contracts – contracts which marry natural language contracts with Smart Contracts and thus making them legally-enforceable.



Gordon Mickel - Founder & Managing Director

Perica Grasarevic - Founder & Chief Counsel

Daniel Killenberger - Developer

Ian Simpson - Communications/Marketing

Achim Lau - Legal

Daniel Streuli - Finance

Gvozden Zivkovic - Legal

Country of origin Malta


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If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you are planning to join in — and just in case you have any questions or queries about how to “get into the Vault” — here is a short guide to making your contribution. 12 hours ago

Smart Contracts have the potential to change estate management and inheritance planning forever. Individuals have so far had to rely on legal intermediaries and inefficient processes for estate planning. The French-German start-up Eternitas specialises in estate management and automatised will execution via Smart Contracts. Eternitas intends to create immortal last wills on the Blockchain and an autonomous method for the distribution of assets to beneficiaries using Contract Vault’s powerful, customisable templates and its API. Read more use-cases in our whitepaper, or on our website: 13 hours ago

Got any burning questions about the Contract Vault Platform and the Vault token? We've done our best to answer some FAQs here: Please feel free to contact us in our Telegram group if you think we've missed anything: 18 hours ago

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