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Symbol COP
Token sale opening date

30. Oct 2017

3 months ago

Token sale closing date

30. Nov 2017

2 months ago


They have developed a CopPay virtual terminal that will be installed free of charge and accept multiple cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals exclude intermediaries between clients and merchants and ensure cross-border use of cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals works with zero transaction fee and allows merchants to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money in real time.

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Ina Samovich - Co-founder & CEO

Vladimir Serzhanovich - Co-founder & Сhairman of the board of directors

Ichak Kalderon Adizes - Co-founder & Member of the board of directors

Timur Kornienko - Co-founder & CTO

Pavel Kazachonok - Co-founder & CMO

Pavel Zametniy - Product designer

Viktor Suzdaltsev - Financial analyst

Alexey Dubrov - IT & Security Expert

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Dear community! Our ICO ends today and we prepared the official announcement about our plans. Stay tuned!✌️ Please… · 2 months ago

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CopPay updated their cover photo. 6 days ago

Dear community! We continue working, and we know where exactly we are heading. We have perfect opportunity to realize what we've planned! CopPay is not just a payment gate, it's a global blockchain platform. CopPay is an instrument for the global penetration of the cryptocurrency into the real world to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and restrictions from our life. Turnover of the crypto currency as a means of payment, as it was originally described in the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto, will lead to a decrease in its volatility, and, accordingly, will increase its importance and value in the economy. We will offer our customers the following services: CopPay - Payment Gateway - This allows people to make the payments for goods and services in small retail shops, in retail chains and e-commerce. CopPay - The Exchange - the point of sale of cryptocurrency, where everyone can buy a cryptocurrency for fiat money. CopPay - Cold Wallet - you can storage and transfer cryptocurrency. We will create the blockchain that allows you to make quick and free transactions inside the CopPay system, all transaction information will be stored, and the reputation system of our users will be built. You will be able to use COP for goods and services payments, as well as to receive bonuses. At the moment, we have enough resources and funds for further development of the product, so we are moving the next ICO to May 2018. The exact date will be announced in April. The ICO investors (October 30 - November 30, 2017) will receive, as we promised before, a bonus of 20%. Before the next ICO begins, you will be able to add funds to your account or make a request for a refund. Stay with us and talk about our project in your communities, write us your feedback and suggestions. Together we will be successful! 6 days ago

Below is a short list of questions we asked our founder Vladimir Serzhanovich these are his answers to them: 1. What is your opinion about Bitcoin – the rate next year? Passed year Bitcoin has become stronger a dozen times! It is impossible to make an accurate forecast for Bitcoin. Many factors can prevent its growth: - Illegality, all kinds of prohibitions - Speculation - Conflicts in the society Bitcoin's growth is possible under the following conditions: - Legalization and adoption of laws that regulating its using; - Demand and public interest; - The possibility of using as a mean of payments; - Creating services for its convenience of use; - Crises in the traditional economy and a trust decline to traditional assets and fiat currencies; We can see the adjustment of the Bitcoin's rate from $ 20k. to $ 12k. Honestly, I predicted the rate not to be more than $ 10k. to the end of 2017. Such collapse is also possible in February 2018. But most likely Bitcoin will continue to strengthen in 2018, and even if the rate goes down it will not last a long time. The most optimistic forecasts are 27-70k dollars. But experts still think that you should only invest in Bitcoin only that money that you are ready to lose. The advantages of Bitcoin are reliability, protection from counterfeits and hacker attacks, as well as limited emission. There is only one serious risk for Bitcoin is the appearance of another better crypto currency, for example Ethereum. 2. What will happen to other crypto currencies? Which of them would you mark? All other crypto currencies are called Altcoins. It's means alternative currencies. The most of them are scams and don't represent any value. You can release your own Altcoin if you have a little money or if you are a blockchain developer! The developers of Altcoins focused on the advantages over Bitcoin for promoting the Altcoins to the market. There is less time to confirm the operation, an increased level of anonymity and algorithms for smart contracts usage, for example. The market had 1378 digital currencies on the 24th of December 2017 according to the crypto-aggregator Bitcoin occupies 46% (accordingly other Altcoins account for about 54%) in the total capitalization of crypto market (it is about $ 595 billion). At the same time Bitcoin had about 90% of the capitalization of crypto currencies a year ago. Altcoins often repeat the rate's dynamic of the main crypto currency. They grow and fall with it. Bitcoin's rate literally increased to 50% during the week, from $ 8k. to $ 12k. at the end of November. At the same time, other coins from the top 5 by capitalization also showed an increase of 30-60%. Here’s a list of largest Altcoins by capitalization at the market: Ether (Ethereum) - $ 74B, Bitcoin Cash - $ 50B, Ripple - $ 42B, Litecoin - $ 15B, Cardano - $ 10B, IOTA - $ 10B, Dash - $ 9B, NEM- $ 8B, Bitcoin Gold - $ 5B, Monero- $ 5B and 14 Altcoins that have a capitalization more than $ 1B. Altcoins can have a successful potential if they are technologically more advanced and their projects have a good idea and strong developers team. 3. Does Bitcoin remain as a means for speculation? Will it become a digital gold or we can use it as a mean of payment's? On the 3rd of January, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. It was a decentralized system of electronic money that does not require the trust of the third parties! Bitcoin was intended for use as a convenient means of payments (comparable to cash). But in the conditions of rate's and popularity's growth it has turned to the investment and speculation instrument as a result of limited emission because limited supply leads to the value’s increase. Due to Sidechain technology development and the infrastructure's projects creation, such as CopPay, the cryptocurrency will become a means of payments and cross-border transactions. 18 days ago

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