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Cryptofying your business

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Symbol COP
Token sale opening date

30. Oct 2017

19 days ago

Token sale closing date

30. Nov 2017

in 11 days


They have developed a CopPay virtual terminal that will be installed free of charge and accept multiple cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals exclude intermediaries between clients and merchants and ensure cross-border use of cryptocurrency. CopPay terminals works with zero transaction fee and allows merchants to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money in real time.

Articles and research

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Ina Samovich - Co-founder & CEO

Vladimir Serzhanovich - Co-founder & Сhairman of the board of directors

Ichak Kalderon Adizes - Co-founder & Member of the board of directors

Timur Kornienko - Co-founder & CTO

Pavel Kazachonok - Co-founder & CMO

Pavel Zametniy - Product designer

Viktor Suzdaltsev - Financial analyst

Alexey Dubrov - IT & Security Expert

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The financing system based on blockchain is coming faster in different economies. Are you ready for it? 👌 #coppay #cryptofying #blockchain 3 days ago

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