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A Decentralized Open platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters

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1. Nov 2017

17 days ago

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1. Dec 2017

in 12 days


Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd, allowing them to give feedback on products, services, and ideas in return for future revenue via our YUPIE tokens. Crowdholding enables the crowd to validate the product, become customers and share awareness about the product or service. It allows startups to listen to their customers directly and tailor their efforts in the right direction.

Articles and research

Crowdholding: Co-Creating Companies to Success by CoinTelegraph By Patrick Thompson on CoinTelegraph



Ethan Clime - CEO

Aleks Bozhinov - CMO

Rosario Colletti - CTO

Chris Fronda - Blockchain architect

Paolo Lacche - COO

Tomas Kuttler - Lead developer

Ilya karnaukhov - Frontend pro

Henry Ashley-Cooper - CPO & UX

Milan Tymel - CFO

Howard Chapman - Lawyer

Jonny Dee - Social media manager

Oksana Prydybailo - PR Manager

Fabio Vogel - Sales strategy

Giga Tatanashvili - Account manager

Daniel Gurin - Creative manager

Country of origin United Kingdom


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