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Public crypto analytics based on AI

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Symbol CRP

CRYPTICS is dedicated to provide connections between investors (private as well as professional), traders and the academic community (incl. developers and miners). Core of their forecasting engine is the CRYPTICS algorithm that is focused on predicting changes in value of diverse cryptocurrencies (including the ICO tokens), both with respect to the fiat currencies as well as among each other. Due to the fact, that cryptocurrency markets are very new, the factors influencing the pricing are manifold. CRYPTICS algorithm takes the plentitude of these factors into account.



Stanislav Maer - Co-CEO

Oleg Tereshenko - Co-CEO

Maxim Maslennikov - CTO

Ilya Tkachev - Head of R&D

Alex Voronetsky - Financial Analyst

Yaroslav Khomenko - Data Scientist

Dmitry Shcherbakov - Data Scientist

Sergei Holmeckis - Adisor

Andrew Konstantin - UX Expert

Country of origin Singapore


Blockchain Ethereum (What is blockchain?)


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